Isabel Stare-A-Thon 2011: Back to Clay-sics

Good Stare-A-thon Monday to you world!

With 9 tender official days of the stare-a-thon left I decided to find out how Clay Aiken (Isabel’s truest love) feels about the stare-a-thon:

The answer is… he has never heard of it.


He loves it! He ordered his periscope early and has been watching her from Clay’s La Jolla bar/grill/ Isabel Stare-Zone

Really a Real Place. You should go there.

He is one of the founding members of the Gingers-For-Staring-At-Isabel-Initiative (GFSAII), which is not 200 members strong!


In fact today he’s even introducing an official Isabel Stare-A-Thon song, which you can hear on his latest Heart-Aiken album:

So today be just like Clay Aiken, keep some Isabel in your heart!


Sideshow love

Today Isabel (my brilliant doctor friend)
was seen with a familiar face from American Idol. Season 1 runner up Justin Guarini:

They looked really close:



It’s Isabel, or is that Isabelle… or…

On Clay Aiken’s endless broken heart news, Isabel has been spotted with a much more age appropriate American Idol…
… Yes, 2010 winner (of hearts) Lee Dewyze.

However there is one really big problem with Lee… he cannot spell Isabel’s name… He would just like to say that he’s closer to it than Clay Aiken’s love song to Isabel “Invisible.”




Isabel’s Spicy Scandal

There has been a shakeup in the Viciously Sweet universe.
It seems that a certain Isabel has been seen on the town with a gingery American Idol Alumnus.
And not the one you are thinking of…

Yes. Scotty McCreery.
Here they are in Prince’s shiny (and completely normal) purple patio:

You may know him from being the younger Clay Aiken on this season of American Idol. He’s kind of like the new version of the VW Bug. He’s so much slicker, but still has that adorable little vase.

Will Isabel ever return to Clay???


P.S. Does Scotty’s name look like McCreepy to anyone else?

Islands of Isabel

Isabel is living out the dreams of Gidget… by going Hawaiian.

this movie is rad

It is reported that she and Clay Aiken had the most fun of times, surfing and playing with this weird dog on the coast.

They wanted to stay there forever and drink those little umbrella drinks:


Isabel and Clay in Wonderland

There is no better way to spend a summer day than lounging at the wonderful Disneyland resort.

While everybody else is doing their 9-5, i.e. drawing buildings and selling dip (not pronounced Depp) Isabel and Clay frolic about the most Orange of counties playing about with large whimsical cups.

*Also is Isabel wearing the blue heart jewel from Titanic? I didn’t realize they had gotten to that stage in their relationship.

**Good Luck on your presentation Isabel