Thoughts from an Over Active Imagination

So for the last few days my imagination has been haywire.

And one of the images I could not get out of my head was Isabel and Clay Aiken dressed like sailors cavorting on a boat in the sea. It has been so stuck in my head I decided I had to put it on paper… or on the internets.

Enjoy Isabel:


Party Supplies

Anyone who is totally rad is going to Isabel & Clay’s Halloween Party.

Earlier today this swift duo were spotted shopping for the events:

It’s going to be paper towel themed as you can see by the shopping cart contents… this is mostly because Isabel doesn’t like spillage.

But also they are going to make spooky paper towel ghosts that would even make Martha Stewart envious.

But there will be no caramel or any other sticky treats there… so bring your own and rub them all over Isabel.




Isabel’s Big Adventure

Today Isabel says she’s learning.

However,as you can see here if hanging out with Clay Aiken was a major, she’d be on the honor roll:

I have no clue who the other people in this picture are… but I’m betting they work at her “lab.”

As you can see their experiment is how radiant Clay Aiken is in the sun, they will measure this in centijoules (Isabel’s favorite quantatative measurement)

Happy Sciencing to you :)


The Checkers Day Miracle

Happy September 23rd!

Today is Checkers Day & Pot Pie Day!!!

I know that means today you can don your snuggie, grab a pot pie and sit down to a wonderful game of checkers……

in other great news Isabel (the newly biked) received a Checker’s Day miracle when she was visited by a finely sweatered Clay Aiken and the (insert word here) Tyra Banks


It took Tyra 42 seconds to make the whole event about her.

Happy Checker’s Day!


Some Enchanted Evening

After a magically aquatic afternoon at Sea World, Isabel hits the town with Clay Aiken and new bff Rosie O’Donnell… we’re told that they watched the “Mother Goose Puppet Show” in Balboa Park…

They reportedly spent their evening on the carousel at fisherman’s wharf and then bought shirts that had the followin image on it:



Things that are Fancy: Phone Edition

Are you searching for a new phone that can make all your dreams come true?

That will call people on their birthday with an automated message from you?

And also makes criss cross potatoes?

Well that doesn’t exist yet, but t-mobile’s more than snazzy “my touch” will let you create your own case for you phone and i have a few suggestions:

Would you like to treasure a Harpo phone production try an “Eric and Oprah” cover:

Or maybe celebrate the love of Clay and Isabel?

The possibilites are really endless. 


Birthday Getaway’s With Clay And Isabel

Although she tells everyone she’s in the lab creating the perfect shade of industructable yet soft lipstick… Isabel is still traversing the world with Clay Aiken…

Although Clay has already sent his bedazzled greeting Isabel would like to add this photo for our archive:

She has also told us that today she plans on starting a collection koalas… because the are basically the rat of Australia.