Top 5 Clay’s

5. Polymer Clay

I believe the world will never be the same because of polymer clay. You can make into everything… from people to fruit, or even clay


4. Jars of Clay

Um I don’t really listen to them.. but they have a greatest hits so… that must mean they are RAD!!!

3. Henry Clay

Slick founder of the Whig Party, as well as secretary of State. He was known as the “Great Pacifier” and “The Great Compromiser”… which is pretty freaking great. He was in a close tie with our # 2 spot… but unfortunately his last name is clay… not his first, so #3 is his spot

2. Clay

A natural material that is awesome. This was a really hard one to pick…

1.Clay Aiken

Like Anyone else could be at the top of this list????

 honorable mention: Andrew Dice Clay- who I don’t like so he’s not on this list.



The Army of Aiken

If Isabel were a mad scientist she may try to make her own army.

An Army of One clone.

And we know who she’d clone: the one and only Clay Aiken. He’d take over the world with cheery music and brute force.

That is all.


the Secret Garden

Everybody in the garden gets flowers… in the secret garden.

Isabel and Clay are seen here making plans for the most patriotic of celebrations. I hear there will be sparklers and barbeque… I’m so there.

Also Isabel… I’m loving that chaleco!


Part of your World

Sometimes Isabel feels out of place in the posh celebrity life of Clay Aiken…

But he’s not the only one who feels out of sorts. When Isabel and Clay do biology related things… he feels much like Ariel in the little mermaid.

He wishes he could be part of her world.

Although his wish may never come true… he’s ever so proud of Isabel and her tubes of pure magic!

We’re not going to discuss why everyone else in the lab is asian.


The Public

Sometimes Isabel just can’t deal with the public.

But in this case she’s really thinking about the possibility of “The Happening” starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel… really happening.

Only the biologists could save us.


The Stay-cation

Isabel and Clay are having a delicious vacations in the San Diego area to promote a fabulous stay-cations.

Also this is what Isabel did on Saturday instead of seeing the Year One with yours truly.

Yes I know… and to quote the very adorable Dolly Parton “it’s all wrong, but it’s all right.”


Safari Love

Today we take you into the splendored love of Isabel and Clay.

We hear they are signing on for a reality TV show to replace many of the failed relationships on the air already. They want to show the world “real” love.

And they can only do so in the wilds of WILD-OMAR!!!!!


coming fall 2009


Hold Me Tight

Apparently Isabel and Clay have been missing since wednesday because they have been at a non stop hug-a-thon.

It is now hour 73 and they are still going strong…

They may hug all weekend. Except Isabel wants to see “Year One” so she may accept 4th place.



Clay and Isabel are disgusted by the photo shown here yesterday… which apparently shows Clay’s evil twin cousin Yalc with actress Isabel Lucas.

We should have never doubted Clay who is currently in Prague with Isabel… prague-ing it up. I heard they were discussing the city layouts of Camillo Sitte….

Isabel did have this to say about Yalc “if you ever mess with my happiness I will put a Sicillian curse on you that will be like hell on earth!”

Sorry we ever doubted you Clay… but we must keep our eyes wary for Yalc..


Get your Sitte on