The Beagle

I was thinking about my life before Elliott today… when I had a dog.

She was really cute. She liked to eat pepperoni and watch tv, she was the best thing ever.

And she lived in a little dog house that matched the playhouse I had when I was a kid.

I would tell you more about her… but she’s my answer to every password.


Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True

We all have trials and tribulations, some bigger than others.

Some that stay with us for our entire life, this doodle shares with you some of the hardships I faced as a child:

And for those who know about how much I like chicken, you can just imagine the heartache. But now that I make my own money, and am an adult, I can eat all the chicken that I need to get by (and, then some.)

For those of you unfamiliar with my love of chicken, here is a great example of my relationship with chicken:

Have a Happy Friday!

P.S. Also on a side note into my real life… Today my recently engaged sister purchased her wedding dress, and I got my bridesmaid dress. Chicken was had by all!

Also next week there will be so many more professional quotes!

Good Instincts

I was a child who knew what things were good and what things were bad. This applied to cakes, toys that I played with, cartoons that were rad, and even people.
I was a judgmental little thing, and not really that much has changed*.

*Especially not my love of Pee Wee Herman, and hair accessories!

But good thing for everyone my mom doesn’t buy me bare midriff tops or hot pants in day glo colors, well at least not for work.

Happy Friday! Go Judge something for me this weekend.

My apologies to Mark Twain, and one of my best ideas of this week.

Last night, after a rousing trip to Ikea with the incredibly overworked Nancy, I set in for a long summers nap (aka sleep.) But could not really sleep so I watched one of my newer favorite-teen-movies-staring-really-old-actors, “Easy A”…
You know with that adorable as hell Emma Stone.

(btw, I would so wear that)

And that guy I never found attractive until I watched this movie:

And what he is also Woodchuck mascot? Sign me up please… don’t worry he’s probably 30.
Oh wow, nope he’s 24.

I have decided that the world now could truly accept the bounty of a teen movie created by my friends and me. Seriously wouldn’t you love to watch a movie about…

a weird and incredibly clumsy artsy girl:

a weird yet adorable scientific girl:

a teen who was far too intellectual for High School:

a pseudo goth, and a… well a… girl who hated life, while simultaneously being a… person?

Now imagine their journey while being nerds in a repressed Catholic School with cameos of foreign exchange students, Canadians, never-ending spanish classes, Religion classes from hell, awful snobby classmates (who applied makeup like Elizabethan whores), and the most incredibly creepy teacher who has ever existed!

Hours of entertainment, am I right?
Plus, school days off because of a fire? This stuff practically writes itself.


(photos courtesy of “Easy A” & Photobucket)

An Endless Sea of Gum

Last week I stole chiclets from Amber’s desk because she is not a big gum fan.

But I am a total gum fan… but only for Chiclets.
I even have a chiclet related dream:

I would totally share though. I would also try to pay people in gum… I imagine they would be thrilled.
Wouldn’t that be fun?


I was just thinking about all those notes I used to pass to my bffs in middle school and high school. And then I thought with all the facebook, and most teenagers having better phones than 20 somethings (Who pay their own bills.) There is probably minimal actual note writing and passing.
Especially with the fact that facebook harassing others seems to be in with all the people I don’t understand.

But to all my homies that remember writing notes about boys, and how much school totally sucks and how very perverted your teacher is I send this message…


Secret word of the day…

Today’s secret word is TWINS!
You know what to do when someone says the secret word! SCREAM REALLY LOUD!!!!

Enjoy Eric and Pee Wee being TWINS:

This is what I was caught posting when I looked suspicious.
Also please purchase, and then always wear that awesome suit.

And this was my childhood

I remember this music video vividly from my childhood. I really liked this song, and by this I mean I used to sing it in the supermarkets while jumping from white tile to white tile* and right now its stuck in my head.

I’m still unsure if George Harrison lives in Pee Wee’s playhouse.. or an incredibly haunted house… either way he is very chill about it.

I wish I were playing skip it while singing this song.

*Thats how children used to pretend to be Michael Jackson from Billie Jean.