My apologies to Mark Twain, and one of my best ideas of this week.

Last night, after a rousing trip to Ikea with the incredibly overworked Nancy, I set in for a long summers nap (aka sleep.) But could not really sleep so I watched one of my newer favorite-teen-movies-staring-really-old-actors, “Easy A”…
You know with that adorable as hell Emma Stone.

(btw, I would so wear that)

And that guy I never found attractive until I watched this movie:

And what he is also Woodchuck mascot? Sign me up please… don’t worry he’s probably 30.
Oh wow, nope he’s 24.

I have decided that the world now could truly accept the bounty of a teen movie created by my friends and me. Seriously wouldn’t you love to watch a movie about…

a weird and incredibly clumsy artsy girl:

a weird yet adorable scientific girl:

a teen who was far too intellectual for High School:

a pseudo goth, and a… well a… girl who hated life, while simultaneously being a… person?

Now imagine their journey while being nerds in a repressed Catholic School with cameos of foreign exchange students, Canadians, never-ending spanish classes, Religion classes from hell, awful snobby classmates (who applied makeup like Elizabethan whores), and the most incredibly creepy teacher who has ever existed!

Hours of entertainment, am I right?
Plus, school days off because of a fire? This stuff practically writes itself.


(photos courtesy of “Easy A” & Photobucket)

2 thoughts on “My apologies to Mark Twain, and one of my best ideas of this week.

  1. Thanks, and don’t worry I don’t take much ofense to anything really. I just thought that my horrible teen years could make comic gold.

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