Confessions from 1998

I know I said I was gong to start doodling but I have a more pressing issue on my mind.
Which is not completely random, or far-fetched, I promise.
Last night I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” which I have not regularly seen since Denny died. I can’t even recall what season that was…
I spied with my Laureny eyes a familiar face in their cast. Scott Foley.
And I was like “whaaaa?”

I remember that fool from Felicity. As Noel Crane the geeky (so much better than snobby, jocky Ben) RA from the University of New York. As I imagined myself at Dean and Deluca’s and for a moment I flashed back to the marvels of the show Felicity.

I was as far as I know the only one who liked Noel. He really grabbed me with that total drama moment of listening to “everybody hurts” alone in his dorm room with the blinds closed. Also I remember him being cute, funny and in general nice. He was a bit whiny… but I have found out over the years, real men are actually much whinier, and less nice.

And the there is Ben who never grabbed me whatsoever… He was handsome, but he wasn’t especially nice to Felicity. He was all over that Power Ranger girl. And he in no way was Jake Ryan. Also I thought it was so romantic that Felicity followed Ben to NY when I was a teenager… But now that story is just creepy.

Also I’m going to admit I also liked hapless Sean Blumberg (who was Ben’s totally awesome roommate). Like seriously was anyone on this show as adorable as the strange roommate inventor?

Onto my final observation from my memories of Felicity:

And then I would have laughed at Ben for all eternity.

The internet wants me to like him

This morning I was listening to Green Day (pre 2003 thanks) and I of course had to click to see just a little of the video, as I was totally enamored of Billie Joe Armstrong for a good 35% of my girly life.

But then I noticed the advertisement… Um this is seriously random…

Somehow this correlation of Green Day and Ryan Phillippe doesn't make sense... I even googled this crap.

Seriously, I am going to get to the bottom of this Green Day/Ryan Phillippe mystery…
Also why doesn’t this ad tell me the title of this awesome movie???

The Most Hammsome Analogy

My least favorite part of the SAT’s were by far the analogies, I always thought they were incredibly unuseful. As I do not commonly write or say things like;
raisins:goats ::
mayonaise: gorillas

But since I am commonly teased about my love for certain celebrities I have finally found an analogy that is correct.

Eric : Lea Michele::
Lauren : Jon Hamm

This is 100% true.

But truthfully, I still hate analogies....


First Tirade of the Year: No Reynolds!

I am so not into the world loving Ryan Reynolds.
I want to make it clear that I do not like him in any way….
I remember you from that show with the pizza… And from being Van Wilder… and even from being the not so cute, cute guy in the Sabrina the teenage witch movie….

I would have taken Harvey Kinkle any day

Also I remember you from that movie where you are wearing a fatsuit…because you are so dreamy seeing you in a fatsuit is funny? No, you are not and but I watched it because I like Anna Farri,s who I cannot wait to see in this movie…. (positive part of blog post:)

This movie looks good and it has Topher Grace!

But anyways stop trying to sell my on this guy Movie people… because I don’t want him:

Also Isn’t Ryan Phillippe a better actor and equal jerk…? Let’s ask Alanis Morrisette and Scarlet Johanson…

♫Lauren (who will never be in a ryan reynolds fan club)

Weekend Update

I’m so over this Conan thing. The best name in Late Night is “Jimmy.”

I have lately been cultivating a new appreciation for Jimmy Fallon. He reminds me of Pee wee Herman a bit (his clothing and sillyness), and I really am fascinated by his late night show.

I try to stay up to watch it as much as possible, and if I can’t I will definitely watch it on hulu. Because it’s so good, when he writes his thank you notes… and his actually funny*stand up! 

*Most late night host’s stand-up is the least funny thing in the world.

He keeps additionally adding funny things like this:

A video about ukelele music and getting work done which will not link to this site

And I actually can’t wait for his hosting of the emmy’s:

Thank you Jimmy.


Did you make that… yourself?

This post is not a doodle…

Are you excited?

This post is about something I find terrifying.

This Shirt, as seen on one of my favorite clothing websites:

It looks like a person who couldn’t sew tried to stitch this together the only way they knew how… the wrong way. I find this shirt is not as artistic as the website would like me to perceive it. Especially for $40, this is ridiculous.

Also it reminds me of that episode of the Cosby Show when Denise made Theo a replica of a shirt he wanted and it ended up looking like this:

Gordon Gartrell this is not.

Enjoy your day.