Confessions from 1998

I know I said I was gong to start doodling but I have a more pressing issue on my mind.
Which is not completely random, or far-fetched, I promise.
Last night I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” which I have not regularly seen since Denny died. I can’t even recall what season that was…
I spied with my Laureny eyes a familiar face in their cast. Scott Foley.
And I was like “whaaaa?”

I remember that fool from Felicity. As Noel Crane the geeky (so much better than snobby, jocky Ben) RA from the University of New York. As I imagined myself at Dean and Deluca’s and for a moment I flashed back to the marvels of the show Felicity.

I was as far as I know the only one who liked Noel. He really grabbed me with that total drama moment of listening to “everybody hurts” alone in his dorm room with the blinds closed. Also I remember him being cute, funny and in general nice. He was a bit whiny… but I have found out over the years, real men are actually much whinier, and less nice.

And the there is Ben who never grabbed me whatsoever… He was handsome, but he wasn’t especially nice to Felicity. He was all over that Power Ranger girl. And he in no way was Jake Ryan. Also I thought it was so romantic that Felicity followed Ben to NY when I was a teenager… But now that story is just creepy.

Also I’m going to admit I also liked hapless Sean Blumberg (who was Ben’s totally awesome roommate). Like seriously was anyone on this show as adorable as the strange roommate inventor?

Onto my final observation from my memories of Felicity:

And then I would have laughed at Ben for all eternity.

2 thoughts on “Confessions from 1998

    1. Really power rangers girl? PORN???
      That is so shocking to me… and agreed no one can hold a candle let alone 16 to Jake Ryan!

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