Mid-Week Confession: Food and Stuff

If someone hired a private eye to find out all my secrets they would probably be legit bored with their findings. So they also should say in their contract that the Private Eye must sing “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates to make this deal lucrative in any way:

And today in all my giggly boredom. I have decided to wiki-leak myself.

Now why would I do that?

Because well, this is one of my most fascinating secrets:

I have so many toys with weird joint locations and animals I cannot even fathom what they are… and even something called a zwinky.

That is all.

And if you already knew this…. I already said my confessions were probably boring. But I do have a crazy awesome collection of incredibly lame toys. They both fascinate, inspire and terrify me all at the same time. For example this thing:

Stomach face toy of yesteryear. Oh the memories of scaring Isabel with this!

Until my next cool confession, you go ahead make a few calzones and have a great day!


Depressing Fall Fashion

I have been thinking lately that i need to start putting my feelings on my t-shirts like those weird people who tell me a brief synopsis of their life across their chest.
Well here is my fall line called:
Stop Raining on my Dreams.

And it is dedicated to all the people who RAIN ON MY DREAMS of joy and general merriment.
Thank you for making my existence harder.

Ruining a persons day has never been so fashionable!

The Flossy Flossy Interiors

I’ve really been enjoying looking into celebrities houses:

But of course not modern celebrities… enjoy all the retro appeal.

I could see Christine living in a house like Joan Crawford’s… except no wire hangers. I really like that her seating looks like a beautiful caterpillar, and the lamp in the background with an angel pedestal is so awesome. Christine please make your living room like this one day:

There is something magical and patriotic about Agatha Christie’s reading room. But I would never ever want it in any house, or anywhere for that matter.

Have you ever wanted to see the nastiest holy cavalcade?  Well, here’s Sophia Loren’s bedroom:

If I could give this room as a present I’d give it to Jimmy.

To Carry on in the theme of gaudy Here’s Jayne Mansfield’s house:

This is her home office….. please don’t ever make me design this future clients:

And this is her fireplace (which is kinda cute):

And to add my favorites actress in here I give you Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles’ house. As you can see they have a boat in their backyard and well this happens:

That’s it for now.


More Photoshop!

I almost feel sorry for Eric and Jimmy, because it is sooo easy to photoshop them.

I’m going to put up a few more photoshopped Eric’s before I start “Eric with the Ladies throughout history”.

Yay! So much to photoshop! And it’s actually not just Isabel!


(who found it odd to photoshop herself)



Photoshop the Tinsel out of you

It could happen until then see this clearly undocotored photo of Jimmy and the ladies…

You may be asking yourself why Jimmy is dressed in heavenly white, and I will answer… it’s before labor day :0

and he’s SOOOO pure.



Elder Lovin’

It has been known for quite some time that Christine has had a penchant for the elderly. She was the only girl at St. Lucy’s with a pin-up of Dave Foley… if you know what I mean.

It was only recently that we found out the true scope of her old man passions…

The truth is more than mildy horrifying.


The Mc Feel-its

Some people have been wondering what it would have been like if Isabel, Christine and I were in fact a 1960s girl group…

or maybe they haven’t…

but if we were this would be our story:

One of the most popular gospel bands of the 1960s… The McFeel-its.

This cheery threesome would traverse the United States and Canada spreading the word of Jesus with cheerful songs about the Lord and all his friends.  They were known to have large coifs in which they held all their worldly possessions. Sometimes they would have a bible, a deck of cards, harmonicas, and even a toaster located conveniently in their follicles. After all, they weren’t nuns :)

They became very famous in the New Brunswick region of Canada, where they set up a small theatre called “Mc Touch this Theatre”. There they performed all their hits including “Thar be My Jesus,” “The Lord’s Rap,” and “Holy Paradise” (which Coolio sampled for his song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’)  to sold out audiences. There performances were sold out for eight years straight, due to the fact there was little to do in New Brunswick.

In 1968 Christine McFeel-it left the group to create her own Religious  inspired sweatshirt line called “Lord Gear,” which was also very successful in New Brunswick

In 1973 the rest of the group disbanded due to neck injuries after packing their bouffants for a European tour, so they too returned to scenic New Brunswick. Where they later opened the “Immaculate Cafe & Grill”

Here is the album cover for their most critically acclaimed album…

oo ooo ooo ms feel this...

all their dreams are alive…