Mid-Week Confession: Food and Stuff

If someone hired a private eye to find out all my secrets they would probably be legit bored with their findings. So they also should say in their contract that the Private Eye must sing “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates to make this deal lucrative in any way:

And today in all my giggly boredom. I have decided to wiki-leak myself.

Now why would I do that?

Because well, this is one of my most fascinating secrets:

I have so many toys with weird joint locations and animals I cannot even fathom what they are… and even something called a zwinky.

That is all.

And if you already knew this…. I already said my confessions were probably boring. But I do have a crazy awesome collection of incredibly lame toys. They both fascinate, inspire and terrify me all at the same time. For example this thing:

Stomach face toy of yesteryear. Oh the memories of scaring Isabel with this!

Until my next cool confession, you go ahead make a few calzones and have a great day!


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