Drawing Challenge Day #2

Today’s drawing challenge is something I may have failed at.

It was to create a drawing without looking at what you are making and also without lifting the pen.

Which is actually never how I draw anything.

So this is what happened. And it seems like it was made by a small child. who forgot what they were making half way through


p.s. I did look at it while writing the description… my writing is not that nice if I’m not looking

You better watch out!

When I was a kid my sister made up all sorts of stories.

One of my favorites was how all holiday and religious entities want you to keep your prayers and wishlists short because they have millions of people to listen to.

She always told me that Santa was a busy guy.

He had to make toys, supervise elves, make sure the reindeers ate a balanced diet of candy canes and fruit cake, watching every child in the whole entire world… and that you had to be quick in asking him for anything because he was really, really busy.

So with just vital hours left to Christmas… I say get it together for Santa’s sake:


Who do you love?

Christmas season is literally the most stressful time of the year.


I think it’s scientifically proven… or something like that.

It’s the time of year where all I want to do is decorate and hide from the world of people who will stab you for a cashmere scarf.

So as you can imagine that means I’ve been watching a lot of tv and decorating… Between that and snapchat… that’s like 87% of my day.

But I’ve been watching totally classy old TV shows like “That Girl” “Golden Girls” and more shows that have “girl” in the title.

And I’ve lost days watching repeats of “I love Lucy” and so I was inspired to draw her in all her technicolor glory:

I wish all my collars were popped like a proper gangster


Happy 9 days till Christmas


When Breakthru Radio calls…

I am really excited to post this.

Although I should have posted this last week… late is still okay!

A few weeks ago I was very luckily found by a really cool internet radio station called Breakthru Radio, with the very sweet and really great interviewer Jess Goulart the host of “Biology of the Blog”!

She talks about blogs, and plays cool music! And I make a blog and I love cool music…. so we were meant to be together.

I feel really lucky to share my drawings and my odd little stories, and I’m really glad that all these doodles led me to Jess and this great station!

You should totally listen to Jess and if you have sometime you should even listen to my interview… where I mention a few people I draw about on this  very radio station!

The link to hear me talk about drawings and internetting here.

And I almost feel like apologizing for my voice… it sounds like I’m a 14 year old girl, who only watches “Clueless” on loop. I’m sorry, I’m from LA County and I do watch only “Clueless” on loop . This may be the reason why I draw my stories instead of being a news anchor!

Thanks again Jess!!!


ps. now you can listen to it Jimmy! And I totally mentioned you!!!

Rock & Roll

There are always those songs that bring a smile to your face no matter what is going on… or how old you’ve gotten.

I always remember the first time I heard the Velvet Underground.

I was 15, and this really cool boy with the perfect blue hair made me a mixtape, that was just the right amount of suburban rebellion. And it had this song on it… it sounded nothing like the N*SYNC and Britney Spears on the radio… it was completely different.

It sounded like… joy.

And I never looked back, I searched for my own sounds, found my own soundtracks.

I played that CD until it skipped in like 3 different parts and later succumbed to the heart-breaking ending of melting in my car. #livingincaliforniaproblems.


and you can listen to the song here:

I should go to sleep.


Tom Hanks Syndrome

I feel like this title sounds a lot more serious than any of this post really could be…

Today I watch like my 12th Tom Hanks Movie of the year.

Which really takes up the movie time between me watching “Scream Queens” and 80s Brat-pack movies.

So I found my well watched dvd of “Sleepless in Seattle” while I started to draw… and what I was really surprised with is how really charming Meg Ryan makes stalking look…

Like if you think about it, she was really stalking him. She flew across the country and watched him and his son playing on the beach.

He didn’t know who she was… like at all. He was just trying to chill with his son.

But anyways, she was charming and cute, and she peeled apples in a very unusual way… and it worked out for all of them.

And, all in all, the movie is still really cute.

So that is really nice.

One thing about the movie that is also super cute is the music.

My sister was like really concerned that I knew the lyrics to “A WInk and  Smile”… but I’m pretty sure it’s on a list of like the most adorable tunes of all time.

Thanks Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for being so super cute. I’m going to go watch Scream Queens now.


With Whip Cream on Top

I have been full of really great ideas lately.
And all of them have to do with ice cream.

It may be that I’m hungry, or that it takes to long to really get cold in California… But all I can really think of is ice cream animals.

And all I can think about when I’m working is Mermaids…

So I combined the two, and I feel really good about it.

Meet ice cream mermaid.

She is strawberry, and sprinkly.

I imagine she is like a baker mermaid, and that she smells really good (and totally not like gross fishies)

She’s like the strawberry shortcake of the sea.

And her favorite band is the Mer-Cure which features Robert Smith of the Sea. (I really want to draw him as a mermaid now)


Where are you???

I have been busy for the last month.

I am trying to make a business and I actually, which is kind of odd and brave.

And everyday I evaluate whether I am doing well at this or not… and so far, it’s been okay.

I’m making retro art available to decorate homes.

And I have my first art show this very month in Covina, CA.

This is a candy dot mermaid. She is for candy and mermaid enthusiasts.

I have a few drawings to post. But in the last month I have just made 13 variations of these mermaids and about 16 necklaces.

If you want to know anything about them, email me at viciouslysweet08@gmail.com