When Breakthru Radio calls…

I am really excited to post this.

Although I should have posted this last week… late is still okay!

A few weeks ago I was very luckily found by a really cool internet radio station called Breakthru Radio, with the very sweet and really great interviewer Jess Goulart the host of “Biology of the Blog”!

She talks about blogs, and plays cool music! And I make a blog and I love cool music…. so we were meant to be together.

I feel really lucky to share my drawings and my odd little stories, and I’m really glad that all these doodles led me to Jess and this great station!

You should totally listen to Jess and if you have sometime you should even listen to my interview… where I mention a few people I draw about on this  very radio station!

The link to hear me talk about drawings and internetting here.

And I almost feel like apologizing for my voice… it sounds like I’m a 14 year old girl, who only watches “Clueless” on loop. I’m sorry, I’m from LA County and I do watch only “Clueless” on loop . This may be the reason why I draw my stories instead of being a news anchor!

Thanks again Jess!!!


ps. now you can listen to it Jimmy! And I totally mentioned you!!!

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