Isabel Stare-a-thon: Stare Hard

This 2011 has met some major hurdles so far… a lack of photoshop, power outages, loss of computer memory. But it always shows up again with sweet and sour vengence.

I appreciate all the offline staring that has been happening lately. I think it has to do with how incredibly handy and useful periscopes have been this staring season.

So here’s a thanks to all those handy periscopers about the land:


Remember to stare because you care!

This message was sponsored by Submarine Sandwichland… a free periscope in every kids meal!


Isabel Stare-A-thon: The Local Celebrity

The Isabel Stare-A-thon is in full operating mode today. And as Isabel is enjoying her local haunts she’s finding out how many followers the Stare-A-thon really has.

While traipsing about her local zoo like establishment she found out that the “Isabel Stare-a-thon” is a balanced outreach program for the animals and fixtures of the zoo.

While on her way from seeing actual real rhinoceros and lemurs (obviously you can see she is… not at the LA zoo)  Isabel stumbled upon this friend of the marathon:

Remember everyone every glance helps the cause!

Isabel STARE-A-THON 2011


Isabel Stare-a-thon 2011: It Begins

Good Evening Fine people of the interwebs,

I have the best of news to report…That beautiful, and magical time of year is back! So get out your eyedrops and dust off your binoculars because…

it is finally time to start staring at Isabel for 30 days and nights!

I started off the stare-a-thon in the best way possible, by staring at Isabel in person this very morning. It put me right in the spirit of getting this Stare-a-thon in action! So after consulting the council of starers we created the new theme for this particular stare-a-thon:


Remember until December 20th and Canadian Boxing Day… all I’s are to be on Isabel!