Isabel Stare-a-thon: Stare Hard

This 2011 has met some major hurdles so far… a lack of photoshop, power outages, loss of computer memory. But it always shows up again with sweet and sour vengence.

I appreciate all the offline staring that has been happening lately. I think it has to do with how incredibly handy and useful periscopes have been this staring season.

So here’s a thanks to all those handy periscopers about the land:


Remember to stare because you care!

This message was sponsored by Submarine Sandwichland… a free periscope in every kids meal!


2 thoughts on “Isabel Stare-a-thon: Stare Hard

  1. Yes, I’m definitely sensing a periscope theme here…. how creepy would it be if I just saw someone stare in through my window with a periscope? aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

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