Jackson Memorial: Off the Wall

The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.”- Michael Jackson

I find this contest incredibly fascinating.

Designing a Memorial to Michael Jackson, this is sponsored by an architectural website called Archinect.

You can link to the rules here.

I think this should be made news to more than designers because fans could make something awesome too.

remember it has to be cooler than this:

however seeing a 100 foot tall sequined glove may be nice in the Los Angeles skyline.


The Flashy World of Architecture

I almost died when I found out there were games about architecture online.

There must be some bored architects out there (me included i guess)

And then I found an online paper doll that would explain the world i work in… Architecture with fashion! (Sorry I was asked to unlink this by request)

So I was totally in.

I learned what an eraser is…

I learned what a triangle does…

I learned about T-squares and Trace, and Blue Prints…

I also realized the person who made this flash game knows nothing about architecture post 1974.

But it was fun to make this… which is nearly a replica of what happens at my work:

graphic obtained via flash game owned by oyunlar1. I hope this is good enough to give credit to a great graphic designer.

except no Eric, or Dab… and I don’t have that rad kind of view… however the walls are an accurate color.

also note the candles that would set your drawings on fire…


Favorite things: Wells Fargo in Azusa

I have really always loved this bank.

Not just because i use wells fargo. But because this building has always been one of my favorites in the area I live. I know it’s not the Sears Tower or the Chrysler building… nor was it designed by Franky G, or Santiago C.

But we don’t have those kind of things in the San Gabriel Valley. We have small to medium rise Art Deco buildings… we have farm houses… and we like them. To me there is nothing like the cool deliciousness of the interior of this building (not pictured due to incredible illegalness.) The floor is this dazzling terrazo and all the columns are crafted from beautful marble.

To be a part of the architectural world when there wasn’t leed… must have been marvelous and wasteful.



The Air Guitar

Okay so as expressed in several locations on this site Joseph Gordon Levitt is pretty cool.

Here is a quick recap of why he’s so cool.

1. He was in “10 things I hate about You.” This is where we found out that he burns, pines and perishes for Bianca Stratford. As well as taking time to learn French does not insue that the girl of your dreams will fall in love with you.

2. Everyone watched “3rd Rock From the Sun.” Where he also was with Larissa Olyenik

3. 500 Days of Summer looks awesome. He plays a greeting card designer who desires to be an architect.

4.  He doesn’t go by Joe or Joey, thank you btw.

5.  He can do this:

There aren’t many people who can air guitar so well.


be excellent.



Why not Architecture?

I realized that although I love this goofy Photoshop filled site… I never write about architecture…….

I look at lots of Architecture every day... I should share it with more than Jimmy and Nancy :)
I look at lots of Architecture every day... I should share it with more than Jimmy and Nancy :) Like this sustainable house in Malaga Spain by Mecanoo Architecten

I always thought that pushing my views on architecture was bad, and would make me just like any other pretentious fool that spews their opinions about concrete. Then I realized I push a lot of thangs anyway so… I definitely think architecture is coming to Viciously Sweet.

Are you prepared?

Now that we’re talking about our professions this means Isabel… I want some blogs about Biology. And Christine I want more blogs about Trannies and Business, and business trannies.


that is all.