The Flashy World of Architecture

I almost died when I found out there were games about architecture online.

There must be some bored architects out there (me included i guess)

And then I found an online paper doll that would explain the world i work in… Architecture with fashion! (Sorry I was asked to unlink this by request)

So I was totally in.

I learned what an eraser is…

I learned what a triangle does…

I learned about T-squares and Trace, and Blue Prints…

I also realized the person who made this flash game knows nothing about architecture post 1974.

But it was fun to make this… which is nearly a replica of what happens at my work:

graphic obtained via flash game owned by oyunlar1. I hope this is good enough to give credit to a great graphic designer.

except no Eric, or Dab… and I don’t have that rad kind of view… however the walls are an accurate color.

also note the candles that would set your drawings on fire…


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