Why I’m not taking Nyquil Anymore

I’ve been fighting a cold for the last week. And it has been brutal.

I have called all my old friends out to help me… Advil, benadryl, some Generic orange flavored cough syrup and even Nyquil.

Because of the magical cocktail of drugs I was taking. I was blessed with some of the most surreal and equal parts terrifying dreams ever. Volcanoes, giant corns crushing my house, 50 foot tall goats running away with my car… I was at the point where I was almost not able to sleep.  After testing out which drugs I took before I go to bed I discovered much like the detective in Clue it was… Nyquil! This cough syrup of doom was the culprit that had changed my joyous dreams, into a freakish playground of sleeplessness, and terrifying dreams of Bird Men (who are 75% men, 25% bird).

These “Bird Men” are for some reason the most terrifying thing my brain has ever created. (And I like birds). They were very tall men in suits with incredibly realistic bird heads… and even more scary, it was not a fake head! They all spoke perfect English, and I was the only one without a bird head. And when I tried to find my regular human friends I discovered that their apartments were full of these weird bird men who were dressed in fancy suits. These dreams went on for 4 days straight.

Needless to say, I’m not taking Nyquil after watching Mad Men ever again

bird man and I in the elevator... this was a lot scarier than it looks