Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: The Flock

Happy Isabel Stare-a-thon everybody!

I was thinking that the stare-a-thon could use a little more pizzaz. So I dusted the sparkles from my brow and said… “Why not make it a little more musical?”

So today read the following with the sweet beat of the 12 days of Christmas:

On the 8th day of the stare-a-thon I would like to share with thee a Bird staring at Isabel by some trees:

He did 7 hours of staring’

With 6 passing tourists…

5 DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!

With 4 bathroom breaks,

3 parked cars…

2 beatty eyes…

At ONE Isabel holding flowers!

I’m expecting Isabel to be questioning my brain thoughts after reading this. And for everyone who is severely confused by a holiday made to stare at a stranger… I should have a doodle up later today too. And a story, a story about things that can only happen to me.


The happiest drawing!

Hey there internet!

It’s been so long! Our internet and phone has been down! And boy is it hard to get a drawing scanned and uploaded when that happens. But who wants to think about the bad stuff? The internet is back and I’m happier than I could ever be.

So I want to share the happiest drawing I can! And that means… a bird drawing…. that’s right a drawing about birdies!

And you know why bird drawings are the happiest drawings ever? Because birds are just happy to be birds.

Have a snazzy day internet!