The happiest drawing!

Hey there internet!

It’s been so long! Our internet and phone has been down! And boy is it hard to get a drawing scanned and uploaded when that happens. But who wants to think about the bad stuff? The internet is back and I’m happier than I could ever be.

So I want to share the happiest drawing I can! And that means… a bird drawing…. that’s right a drawing about birdies!

And you know why bird drawings are the happiest drawings ever? Because birds are just happy to be birds.

Have a snazzy day internet!


5 thoughts on “The happiest drawing!

  1. Unless said birds are actually Birdmen…in which case they aren’t the happiest hap happy creatures on earth.

    PS….have I told you I have a bird phobia? But only those birds with sharp beaks and horrendous beady eyes.

    1. Oh my gosh. I didn’t even think about the Birdmen! They probably subliminally made me draw that happy bird!

      Also I’m sorry to hear about your bird phobia, my mom has one too… she thinks all birds have disease.

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