A well known fact about me is I am a big fan of people named Jen.

If not known to you.  I can indeed verify that this is very true. Under my work blouse I have a shirt that says “Go Jen!” pretty much every day.

Just as true, and slightly off subject my first cat was named Jenny. She was gray and stripey.

But not all the Jen’s I know are gray and stripey.

Some of them are just fabulous people, I have encountered in this big old world.

One of these Jen’s is a craft-inspiring, whimsical, imaginative, brain twin of mine. She not only is the magical creator of this website she has not updated in a while, but she also makes fancy jam. (disclaimer: I can say nothing about updating blogs because well I have not updated this sucker is a bit.) I however, am just lazy… Jen has a reason, she is working on a very big project.

She’s having a baby!

And I have been thinking about her on and off this week, because it’s nearly time that she is going to bring her baby to the world.

And I thought I should send her a hello… But, it just didn’t seem special enough. So, a hello with a doodle will have to do.


Jen, I hope everything is going fantastic! Also, I am not a great face-booker… I should send you hello’s and such so much more often. Anyways enough with that and well…. Congratulations! You are going to be the best mom ever, and your impending little boy is just the luckiest duck.

Wishing you so much joy and happiness! Also I can’t wait to see all the crafty fun things you will make for him in the future!


Another slice of Cake(s)

Hi internet!

Today I had a kinda crunchy day. No, that was not a typo. I was rear-ended when trying to get an affordable lunch. All  I can say is neither me or the girl have any serious problems, just some achiness. Also,the lunch didn’t really taste like the majesty of savings I had anticipated.

But… there is always a brighter side. So I tried to think of something I could draw on my salvaged work paper… Something that would make me smile as I drew? And then I thought of pretty much the best thing ever… I could draw an extra fancy drawing of one of my readers!

And today that person is the lovely, hilarious, and well written Cakes McCain of “Pasta For One”!!!!

Although I have never met her in real life, I feel like Cakes is a sister in the world of girly activities. I think she’s super amazing for running away from North America for that sunny peninsula of a country… Italy! In the land of the Pope, she set our to find love and fortune. I mean how romantic of a notion is that? Who does that nowadays? Answer: Awesome people. And although she has now re-graced the soils of America, all of her Italian adventures serve as a hilarious anecdote in the world of dating and being a young woman of the world. Some other quick reasons I adore her… She understands the importance of “13 going on 30” in a grown up woman’s life, she knows how to Wang Chung, she has given me some stunning advice about enjoying my own life… and most importantly, she shares her world in a Bridget Jones like fashion, with hilarious results.

I do suggest you READ HER STUFF! It’s really funny, and sometimes the visual aids she uses to describe things will make you snort in your cubicle, at lunch, or even while you are sitting in bed with a cat. It’s really happened. And it’s happened more than once.

Also, I have been trying out a few new drawing styles and I’m testing it out with this doodle. It’s a little fancier than my usual blog stuff… So, I hope you like it Cakes! It was very fun to draw. And it’s been really nice knowing you in type.

Illustrated Cakes was the best part of my afternoon!

Now that I know all of you have read her blog, and marveled at her illustrated spaghetti of love. I hope you totally get why I have such a good time reading and knowing this fabulash lady. And maybe the next time I doodle a reader it may be you!