Pump up the Jamz w/ Jen

Good Afternoon Internet!
I think I have killed the hearts of millions with my Rachel observations. And so I want to spend today sharing some love… internet style.

I have really great readers! And people, I adore them so much I would totally be a character witness for if they ever ended up in the nice clink… one of those people is the fabulous Jen of The Modern Women’s Society.

I found her several moons ago and love her sites combination of photography, food that makes me want to fly to Australia to eat it, and her adorable and nearly identical to my thoughts on pop culture!

Now I have made a few doodles about her which I haven’t posted because they didn’t encompass the straight up gangster that she really is. But this doodle, I think encompasses both her badassness, fabulous fashions, winning personality, and the ability to bust a cap (of homemade jam) on you:

Happy Wednesday or Thursday or whatever day it is already on the other side of the world Jen! Thank you for being fabulous. And anyone who hasn’t… visited her site, it could change your life!

5 thoughts on “Pump up the Jamz w/ Jen

  1. Oh my goodness! I nearly died from sweet jammy happiness when I saw this! I was having a rather ho hum Thursday until I saw your fantastical doodle!!! I love it! And I love your reference to Technotronics 80’s smash hit!

    I wish I not only owned that outfit that doodle Jen is wearing but also her bling! If only my jamz made me mo’ money! :)

    Love everything about you girl!!!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed your doodle… I made you wait long enough for it! I hope today you walked around feeling a little more snazzy because not only are you rad, but now you are also a cartoon.
      That was totally a goal when I was a kid… I wanted to grow up to be a cartoon.

      Thanks for being so wonderful yourself ;)

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