Utility clothes

Today I want to share with you my most versatile present given to me this Christmas.

The pajamas my mother bought me.

You may say… Have you given up on life? How are pajamas the most versatile thing given to a girl who seldom wears pants and is usually coated in jewelry?

Well… Let me tell you. They are roughly 3 sizes larger than  I usually wear. And I can comfortably fit 2 cats in them with me…

So basically now I have clothes that I can fit roughly 20 lbs of additional animal, and at least 1 cooler loaded to the brim with Dr. Pepper and protein bars.

While running around the house stuffing assorted pillows, animals, and pottery in there with me I realized they could provide me with a new type of lifestyle:

And we could all live in there in peace and harmony!

I can now camp across America in a very delightful way… the only thing is I need pajamas that are meant to fit on just a person too.

And don’t for one second think that I didn’t want to call friends and make a blanket fort town with this as it’s foundation.

Troy and Abed of Community in possibly the one size larger pajama set. Image coutesy of Community Wiki.