Isabel Stare-A-thon: George Clooney

There are celebrities who are very devoted to causes like Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, Pancakes for Pirates, The League Of Ladies. And there are some celebrities that like to get hands on in their causes.

George Clooney is one of this hands on kind of guys… or in this case “eyes on”:

He’s even making a documentary called “the George who stares at Isabel” which currently has a running time of 42 hours 5 minutes.

It has all the markings of  a blockbuster success, it will also feature Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Portia De Rossi staring into the field of Isabel.

Take this fine day to have a peek at Isabel yourself.


Glee: “Vitamin D” & Doe-Eyed Fashions

Episode 6 “Vitamin D” Fashion Recap!

This week after watching glee I felt a lot like this:

But, before I carry on about the happy drug faces seen through out this episode, let’s share Emma’s wicked fashion this week.

As usual Emma’s clothes don’t dissapoint!

Here she is removing mustard from Mr. Shue’s chin… check her green skirt!

She makes the best “celebrity judge” for the glee kids:

If you totally like the skirt like I do it’s Anna Sui at Antrhopologie… but their site says it’s no longer available.

On a positive and equally yellow note…

I think her fashion sense may be rubbing off on the girls:

Wouldn’t it be nice if they started a fashion club?


This is a cute blue boatneck shirt, this is not exactly a spoiler…

BUT this is:

This not cute engagement ring is the spoiler!


But now back to bow week!!!

Here’s Emma in her Dolphin Shirt and Coral skirt; it’s a great retro, yet bow filled number.

And just in case you had too much bow…

here she is in ruffles, and a coral skirt:

I love how she accents everything with yellow. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Not News tonight at 11

I cannot stand media outlets that report news… because it’s never really news…. ahem TMZ, and every other “entertainment this hour” shows that plague my tv!!!

For Example: Anthony Kiedis going grocery shopping qualifies as not news. Please don’t have this as a headline event. He eats food. And it is not delivered by Dave Navarro every day of the week.

I mean Anthony Kiedis is exceptionally awesome… but I don’t need to know if he buys skim milk, and febreeze. Especially since he doesn’t follow me around the market snickering at my fruitcups and granola bars.

Let the peep’s shop in peace.

That I think is my public service announcement for the week.



The Movie of your Life

Okay so have you ever wondered who would play you n a movie about your life… well I have and then I went to to play with their celebrity look a like machine.

So I thought I would have maximum fun and put a picture with both Christine and Isabel… and then I was given these most awesome results… WE WOULD ALL BE PLAYED BY VERY VERY WHITE LADIES.

And for some reason Isabel would be an Olsen Twin.

And the lobster would be played by Hugh Crant.