Scientific Valentine

Today I share with you the incredibly studious valentine in the America…. Isabel.
Also this post has nothing to do with Clay Aiken.

*But Clay Aiken is in Isabels top 3 Valentines... along with Lee Dewyze the singer of "Dear Isabelle" and maybe David...

happy valentines saturday!

Islands of Isabel

Isabel is living out the dreams of Gidget… by going Hawaiian.

this movie is rad

It is reported that she and Clay Aiken had the most fun of times, surfing and playing with this weird dog on the coast.

They wanted to stay there forever and drink those little umbrella drinks:


Isabel and Clay in Wonderland

There is no better way to spend a summer day than lounging at the wonderful Disneyland resort.

While everybody else is doing their 9-5, i.e. drawing buildings and selling dip (not pronounced Depp) Isabel and Clay frolic about the most Orange of counties playing about with large whimsical cups.

*Also is Isabel wearing the blue heart jewel from Titanic? I didn’t realize they had gotten to that stage in their relationship.

**Good Luck on your presentation Isabel


Happy Birthday Christine & Isabel!

I’m a lucky girl because today is the communal birthday of two of the best people ever!!!

Happy Birthday Isabel & Christine!

I forget which one of you is older so I shall post both birthday wishes for both of you at once. With a slight birthday forecast:

Christine’s 25 birthday celebration will begin in Pasadena in the crisp cool morning, in the afternoon there is a 74% chance of it involving soda and dip mix. It will end with a drunken affair with her truest and most Canadian celebrity love….Dave Foley:

Isabel’s 25th birthday will involve sciency things as well as dodging a kitten. She will find herself in the afternoon searching for the perfect suit and scarf combination and will end her evening like this:

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!