Isabel Stare-A-Thon 2011: Back to Clay-sics

Good Stare-A-thon Monday to you world!

With 9 tender official days of the stare-a-thon left I decided to find out how Clay Aiken (Isabel’s truest love) feels about the stare-a-thon:

The answer is… he has never heard of it.


He loves it! He ordered his periscope early and has been watching her from Clay’s La Jolla bar/grill/ Isabel Stare-Zone

Really a Real Place. You should go there.

He is one of the founding members of the Gingers-For-Staring-At-Isabel-Initiative (GFSAII), which is not 200 members strong!


In fact today he’s even introducing an official Isabel Stare-A-Thon song, which you can hear on his latest Heart-Aiken album:

So today be just like Clay Aiken, keep some Isabel in your heart!


5 Questionable Song Dedications for Isabel

Good Morning Internet.
I’ve been thinking about those beautiful/hilarious things that you hear when people dedicate songs to someone they are crazy for.
The dj always has a silky 1940s smoking actress voice, and makes even the most disturbing love stories seem magical. For Example (please read the following with that sassy narrator voice in mind):
“Salvador, Erin cares so much for you, that she has asked to dedicate ‘Bryan Adam’s Heaven’ to you to celebrate your 4 day anniversary.”
“This is 18 with a bullet, to Smokey out in San Quentin from Sad Eyes in Monterey Park”

Either one shows the awesome dedication that people have for one another.

Today let’s dedicate some songs to Isabel!

I am going to post 5 songs that would make Isabel mildly to incredibly uncomfortable if you dedicated them to her on radio stations. Give them a try, I will even give you the intro to them… remember its Isabel from San Diego.

1. “Yes hello, this is Lauren and I want to dedicate a song that means so much to my friend Isabel… it will always remind her of that time we stayed up and watched ‘Centerstage’ in the middle of the night after being in a bus while trying to fix our friends t-shirt from exposing her boob while our Physics teacher slept.” (This is not too oddly specific)


2. “This song is dedicated to Isabel, And she knows why”


3. “For as long as Isabel’s and my lives have intertwined I can not imagine a better song to describe her. This is for you Isabel”


4. “Just the thought of being dedicated this R.Kelly Song will make Isabel feel like the only girl in the world.”


5. “This song was written about her by her truest, gingeriest love. A love like theirs is forever and magical… like a unicorn walking during sunset on the beach of love”


Have a happy Tuesday Isabel!

Sideshow love

Today Isabel (my brilliant doctor friend)
was seen with a familiar face from American Idol. Season 1 runner up Justin Guarini:

They looked really close:



It’s Isabel, or is that Isabelle… or…

On Clay Aiken’s endless broken heart news, Isabel has been spotted with a much more age appropriate American Idol…
… Yes, 2010 winner (of hearts) Lee Dewyze.

However there is one really big problem with Lee… he cannot spell Isabel’s name… He would just like to say that he’s closer to it than Clay Aiken’s love song to Isabel “Invisible.”




Isabel’s Spicy Scandal

There has been a shakeup in the Viciously Sweet universe.
It seems that a certain Isabel has been seen on the town with a gingery American Idol Alumnus.
And not the one you are thinking of…

Yes. Scotty McCreery.
Here they are in Prince’s shiny (and completely normal) purple patio:

You may know him from being the younger Clay Aiken on this season of American Idol. He’s kind of like the new version of the VW Bug. He’s so much slicker, but still has that adorable little vase.

Will Isabel ever return to Clay???


P.S. Does Scotty’s name look like McCreepy to anyone else?

Isabel’s Birthday 2011

Today on the 26th anniversary of Isabel. I bring to you these 26 fun Isabel facts:

1. She is not a leprechaun.
2. She likes science.
3. She is most likely going to go to Clay’s Place for her birthday. Giggle Giggle.
4. The only t-shirts she owns are Weezer Shirts
5. She locks cats out of her room… when they are lonely.
6. She no longer murders in the name of science (Bonus)
7. She really likes Science!
8. She likes to watch Disney movies, that have questionable morals.
9. She has curly hair!
10. Has never entered a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest… Mostly because she does not look like Jennifer Lopez
11. She also doesn’t look like George Lopez.
12. Has never been to Spain, although she believes I was there for like half a year.
13. She has dreamt of being the proud owner of a monster truck station wagon since her early teens.
14. She would never steal a seal… no matter how nicely you ask.
15. She really likes to listen to 90’s pop on Pandora… they play Hanson!
16. Has coupons to the zoo… she can get a discount on ICE CREAM!
17. Is the muse for many songwriters… but mostly for American Idol alumni’s, Yes you Lee Dewyze.
18. She is deathly afraid of “sticky residue”. Right now she just read “sticky residue” and shuddered…
19. She can tell you the precise location of the “fishin” rock
20. She doesn’t watch 30 Rock… but I forgive her.
21. She is going to start using words like “trolley” and “brilliant” due to British peer pressure.
22. She knows what kurflurgees are and she knows how to use them.
23. She is the only person who has ever completed the Oregon trail everyday… on the way to school (She lost so many oxen…)
24. She was once momentarily blinded by science. It was like poetry in motion.
25. Has been pasty way before Vampires became trendy!
26. She is probably thinking about Rivers Cuomo right now… see, I am right.

Happy Birthday Isabel