Here comes the fear

Sometimes I look around and wonder when it will be better? Not that I don’t appreciate my current existence. I mean the wondering and future-casting is just a normal thing. It’s something we all do, because we all aspire to more. I mean I’m not a Disney character, so my wishes are more than like becoming a ‘real girl’ or putting an end to the terror of Rattigan.

(On an interesting sidenote: I’m super preparing for my family’s visit here this spring, trying to find movies that won’t terrify my nieces– Great Mouse Detective… probably not interesting to a 4 year old.)

Anyways, I have a friend who is really actively decided to change their life majorly. And I super respect that… it’s just makes me think that maybe I should be doing some things in the world. More than helping cashiers find a pen, or sending thank you notes to people who cut my hair and sell me flowers for my hair. I just don’t know what to do first… get my architecture license? Work on selling my doodley-crafts to people? Become an entertainer at children’s parties? Hire a private investigator to find every Waldo (just to get my bases covered)?

There is just so much to do. But tonight, I think I’m going to try to learn how to use my new camera… so I can take unblurry pictures with it.


(Bonus Points for people who know where I borrowed that background from!)