Basically… All I want is a couch

Today I read on Yahoo one of the best things to do to not get sick is take a nap.
But, at work I gots no place to nap!
I wish we has a little itty bitty…. couch.
It would look great in the office and also be a comfy respite from the cold world of autocad.

All we really need is one couch.... and I already have a snuggie!

♫Lauren, the couchless girl in the 4th cucbicle from the south.

Christine of Old Sac

Christine told me her secret desire was to live in oldtown Sacramento… because it’s nickname is “Old Sac”.
She will live in the the old mining town with her only furniture being lovesacs… to carry on her sac motif.

Or maybe she said the term “old sac” was super gross.

Australian Dreams

I had this dream last night that I went on vacation to Australia. To my surprise they had no food in Australia, only Granola bars. I asked them where they had food like ‘”Outback Steakhouse” Open at nine’? And he told me those pretty onion flowers and dreams of koalas is how they get Americans to travel all the way to Australia.
Also no one had accents, they were faked too.
I was depressed and dismayed. Also I discovered in my dream that Koalas were in fact cats dress like weird little bears.
Upon this realization I decided to leave and go to New Zealand. And then some rude Australian told me it was fake too; apparently it was created by Peter Jackson for movies.
Dude, my dreams are weird.


Bob Saget & Underwear

There are many things in life I have never wanted to experience…

Post “Full House” Bob Saget… not being Danny Tanner while holding underwear is on the top of that list.

Be warned that further on this page this graphic image will be shown…

But first here’s an approved Bob Saget:

Here is an unapproved Bob Saget:

Don’t you agree?

keep some sag in your heart.


He likes Your Moves

Okay as well known as I could possibly make this…. I love the Cure,  I adore them so much I could use a “♥”. Actually one of my dreams has always been to meet Robert Smith… he’s the definition of cool to me!

I must also say that I cannot stop listening to The Black Kids, they have this song that sounds so much like the Cure the first time I heard it I felt the joy of Robert Smith.

Apparently not everyone digs their sound because they sound too much like the Cure… but in my opinion sounding like the Cure can never be wrong!!!!!

And the music video could not be any more awesome. If at all possible they combined the Cure and Marie Antoinette together… (yeah more that just the soundtrack!!!)

here’s some clips from the video that state my case  :)

looks like Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppala….

also it looks like the video for boys don’t cry

I could just pass out due to my obscene happiness!!!!



American Eric

I think it was Tom Petty who first sang about an “American Eric… raised on promises.”

Or maybe it wasn’t.

As many may know Eric as a child dreamed of presidency.

And although he’s about soon to be a degreed Industrial Technologists

He still likes to live his childhood dreams.



Wonders: Robert Smith

Does anyone ever wonder about Robert Smith from the Cure??? Besides me? I find that when my mind wanders it usually ends at Robert Smiths hair.

Is anyone else noticing this resurgence of tendrils much like that of Mr. Smiths? I saw a girl at the mall who could have been his hair twin on Sunday.

I wanted to run to her and ask her about hair maintenance but realized she probably never combed her hair.. thus it’s appearance.

I also think I’m so interested in these specific locks because I have always associated the Cure with ultimate coolness, and realize in an architectural office… maybe Robert’s hair would not be so awesome.

No one would be able to see past my monitor, and i think things would get stuck in it. So alas his mighty style shall never be mine 

Also every morning when i wake my hair looks like this:

And since I’m not from New Jersey circa 1986… it’s just not my thing.


p.s. seriously how does Robert Smith do it???

does he have like a magic hairbrush???

Alternate Career path pt. 7

Christine has always had an intense desire to be a spokesmodel.

As a child she would adorn herself with jewels from QVC and attempted to sell them with her Siamese cat Maui to the other Siamese cats in her household. Although the cats never purchased anything, she did successfully resell several things to her own mother.

One day she saw a commercial with Celebrity guest Cher discussing beauty products… she knew that if she were a spokesperson she could sell the heck out of anything and be adored by all the gay bears out there,  just like the curly haired Cher. Christine then started strategizing to which product she could sell to  the unsuspecting world…

One day Christine found that opportunity in the greatest exercise invention in the last 42 years… the THIGH MASTER! She realized that she could not only sell the heck out of the THIGH MASTER but greatly improve thigh aesthetics worldwide.

Now the only thing she had to do was dispose of the current THIGH MASTER seller Suzanne Somer’s. Christine made great lengths in sullying her competitions name such as accusing her of thigh implants, attacking the elderly, and of being 72% robotic. Her attempts however failed because she was deemed not Blonde enough to fill the shoes of Ms. Somer’s by the League of THIGH MASTER’s… She thusly died her hair orange, and decided to attend high school with other non-celebrity spokespeople… like Isabel and Lauren.

She does sometimes fantasize what her life would be like if she had removed Suzzane from her THIGH MASTER throne…

basically she’d have thighs that could be licensed as a lethal weapon…