He likes Your Moves

Okay as well known as I could possibly make this…. I love the Cure,  I adore them so much I could use a “♥”. Actually one of my dreams has always been to meet Robert Smith… he’s the definition of cool to me!

I must also say that I cannot stop listening to The Black Kids, they have this song that sounds so much like the Cure the first time I heard it I felt the joy of Robert Smith.

Apparently not everyone digs their sound because they sound too much like the Cure… but in my opinion sounding like the Cure can never be wrong!!!!!

And the music video could not be any more awesome. If at all possible they combined the Cure and Marie Antoinette together… (yeah more that just the soundtrack!!!)

here’s some clips from the video that state my case  :)

looks like Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppala….

also it looks like the video for boys don’t cry

I could just pass out due to my obscene happiness!!!!




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