It makes you Wonder

Today’s Story time with Lauren is about Elliott the cat:

Sometimes I see my cat staring at birds. He stares at them in a way where you can tell he wants to eat their faces.

But it’s cute, because he is an indoor cat and has no chance of ever catching birds.

And if he did he may pass out from excitement.

If we lived in the Twilight Zone he would wake up to find he was a bird all along:

birding it with elliott


The Little Mer-Cat

Sometimes I find my cat staring out the window in a manner reminiscent to that of a young Ariel wishing she were part of the human world.

Also, I have a way over active imagination.

That is how I came up with this conclusion:



Doodles In Wonderland

So I am a total nerd.

And I really like Alice in wonderland…

I drew this for Jimmy’s Birthday. But I am putting this up to celebrate not only that we own a lot of pets but in celebration of Tim Burton’s new movie.

Which I am going to see tomorrow.

Also watch the other recent wonderland remake “Alice” with Andrew Potts, it was a very different and interesting adaptation. Andrew was the best Mad Hatter I’ve seen.

have a snazzy weekend!


Mr. Kitty

Elliott was once the tiniest of mittens, and now he’s a big bootie kitten.

Here he is as a baby kitten… in a very fine sweater vest:


and here he is as a big man kitty:


and here’s his big bootie

He is almost 15 pounds and isn’t full size. I assume he’s going to be roughly this size at his full growth:


And Although I named him after Elliott Reid:

he reminds me more of farmer Ted aka Anthony Michael Hall:

There is a striking resemblance… except my cat is not friends with John Cusak.


hello ladies… it’s Elliott

Here is a brief introduction to the newest Hollaway…

  • His name is Elliott, much like the beloved doctor on Scrubs
  • he likes feathers
  • he enjoys sleeping in your face
  • he would stare at Isabel if he knew her
  • he likes to eat tons of food.. even though he is a stick like creature -this also means he poos a ton as well
  • he likes to sit as close to your face as possible, seriously
  • he likes to meow at anything
  • he also likes Cynthia… but this is not mutual
  • he does not like doctors, barking, and not being paid attention to
  • he also dislikes reading and would love to sit on any reading material you have

He is currently being a stay-at-home kitten.


yep... hes a kitten
yep... he's a kitten