hello ladies… it’s Elliott

Here is a brief introduction to the newest Hollaway…

  • His name is Elliott, much like the beloved doctor on Scrubs
  • he likes feathers
  • he enjoys sleeping in your face
  • he would stare at Isabel if he knew her
  • he likes to eat tons of food.. even though he is a stick like creature -this also means he poos a ton as well
  • he likes to sit as close to your face as possible, seriously
  • he likes to meow at anything
  • he also likes Cynthia… but this is not mutual
  • he does not like doctors, barking, and not being paid attention to
  • he also dislikes reading and would love to sit on any reading material you have

He is currently being a stay-at-home kitten.


yep... hes a kitten
yep... he's a kitten

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