Professional Quote of the Day: September 14th

Did you know that emails for professionals, are like potato chips for ordinary people?
(Take that simile, and shove it SAT prep.)

Yes Sir and Lady Sir, (respectively) much like the tagline that tells you “bet you can’t have just one” emails are so addicting to the professional set that they just can’t help themselves.

Check out today’s Professional Quote of the Day and find out for yourself:

Just ask him how many? I’m going to guess like 6. For all his different channels of professionalism.


Past Aggression: The Horn of Plenty

As many people know, I truly couldn’t dislike cornucopias anymore than I naturally do.

I really cannot stand them.

They pretty much ruin the entire month of my birthday with their corn filled lies. I will go so far as to say they plague my dreams and fill my heart with bottomless sorrow.

Also I don’t like anything that can is a synonym for “the horn of plenty.”

I thought I successfully avoided all the suck that cornucopia’s bring this holiday season… but apparently someone who sends me shopping emails thought I look like the kind of girl who wants this email:

Well I am totally not. I want nothing to do with your “cornucopia of savings”.

Merry Christmas.