Raa Raa Ooh La La Ladies

Is there a better way to celebrate Yonadab’s birthday than photoshopping Eric and some ladies… Maybe.

But it is very enjoyable… especially when that lady is Lady Gaga.

As you can see in the picture she spices up Eric’s professional garb when they frolic about town together….

I thought things were going so well with Oprah.


Direct Quotes from Eric

Today Eric was quoted saying “I’m in love with the ladies.”

It may coincide with this very picture taken earlier this week with a very specific lady who may be the host of the Oprah Show.

It was reported that they were listening to love songs on the coast.

Long Live Eric and the Ladies.


10 things that I’ve thought of today w/ Lauren

1. Is the “Wedding Singer” the best movie ever?

Answer: To me it may just be, I almost failed a film class when I said it was my favorite film. Because the teacher looked at me and said she’d assume I liked Adam Sandler films. Although it was more than a diss on her part, I do like Adam Sandler and took this as a compliment.

Also it may be the best film because of classic moments like this:

and finally,

2. Mr Belvedere. He’s always made me wish I had a curmudgeonly servant with a British accent. And…eww did anyone really like Kevin Owens?

3. Will I photobooth with Christine when we celebrate her and Isabel’s birthday? And does Isabel approve of us celebrating her birthday if she’s in San Diego? And when is a great time to go harrass Isabel in this San Diego?

4. This song. Because it’s not to late for “that”. And boy do I love non-specifics.

5. Why is it so cold and not raining? I was outside today and there was wind like a monsoon was upon me and then…… nothing.

Seriously thanks weather men. I could be wearing much cuter shoes!!!

6. Did my cat do something super heinous and bad today? In other news does anyone want a slightly used cat? He’s beige and has a bowtie for fancy occasions.

7. Why don’t I get glamour naps at work?

8. Is my niece like the cutest thing? I adore her absolute blondeness!

9. Will I ever make another marathon of Eric and the ladies? Will this upset Eric?

Answer: YES and YES!

10.  Why doesn’t Starbucks advertise like this? I mean seriously Jason Sudeikis looks real good, and he’s drinking a Starbucks beverage.

On a sad note this is him as Floyd DeBarber… getting married to some yoga weirdo.

That’s pretty much it.


A Quote from Eric

To paraphrase a post lunch discussion with Eric “Jessica Alba has it going on.”

But we have no word on what it is.

This is according to our sources has no correlation to her exquisite acting, or friendliness, or general kindness. As Eric is sure she has none of these qualities.

I think Eric has returned to the ladies:

Watch out!


Eric’s Request

Eric says I use my photoshopping for evil, and have never photoshopped him with Beyonce.

I tried to think… how can I keep humor in this request?

Whooomp here it is

technically this is what was asked for…


Hug A Professional Man

It’s been too long since there has been an Eric & the Ladies Update.

So I bring it to you on a very special day:

Hug a Professional Day!

And since Eric is the most valued Professional in Southern California he can barely function today, as every lady in the tri-city area wants to hug him…

Go out and hug a fireman, milkman, stock acessor, or goat herder and celebrate this magical day… or wait in the 1.8 mile line & hug Eric.


Ring Around the Ladies..

It is reported that Oprah & Eric are on the rocks again…

Today Eric was spotted on a tarmak with a guest.

After many questions about why he was on a tarmak & not at work there was a stunning revelation. Who exatcly is this lady with sassy braids? There are no reports to who the lady is, but 73% of people believe it is not Oprah.

Oprah later responded to Eric & his lady crazy ways…



So Happy Together

So how is the Weather?

In the Happiness Forecast of Isabel and Clay I would say it’s pretty awesome. They are so enamored by their own good times they have not a moment to think about Eric and the ladies.

Mr. Aiken and Isabel were spotted having a romantic and heavily fruited meal near the Eiffel Tower. Isabel was reported to have said after her meal, “I love this moment so much I would cheat on that other moment from before, marry this one and raise a family of tiny, little moments.”

Damn that’s happy. Eric I do believe Isabel has brought it… and all “Walking on Sunshine Style.”