Happy Birthday to the DAB!

I am not usually this brave…
But I have been photoshopping Dab as he sits right next to me.
And I believe he has NO IDEA of this!
I am of course celebrating the fact that tomorrow is his glorious 26th brithday!
And I am celebrating this with album covers the Dab has posed for without his knowledge…mostly because Eric is always carrying a camera…

1. Spicy Beach Dab… This happened when the Dab and Eric were having spicy beach adventures…

2. Spicy Accordian Dab… for only Eric.

This actually happens every week... I think wednesdays...

3. Weird firefighter Dab? I actually have no idea about those weird freaky tubes are… I am just going to assume some sort of technology

4. Reclining Dab… with reclining action, this picture was obviously taken… at the house of the golden girls.

5. Plunging neckline Dab… I have no idea when this was taken, I am going to assume on Gaston appreciation day….

Happy Birthday Dab!
Don’t worry I’ll photoshop Eric next. I have permission :)

Evening the Playing Field w/ Eric

Apparently Eric does not like the last post about his direct quote about Jessica Alba.

He will not deny its “directness” or correct “quotiness” of the statement but has asked for it to be removed. I cannot do this, because I like the photo of them and also when I get to italicize words.

So I have decided to even out the ladies with the mens

So I think that this photoshop will even the damage of the last one. And will also break the heart of both Ben Affleck and Sarah Silverman