Happy Birthday to the DAB!

I am not usually this brave…
But I have been photoshopping Dab as he sits right next to me.
And I believe he has NO IDEA of this!
I am of course celebrating the fact that tomorrow is his glorious 26th brithday!
And I am celebrating this with album covers the Dab has posed for without his knowledge…mostly because Eric is always carrying a camera…

1. Spicy Beach Dab… This happened when the Dab and Eric were having spicy beach adventures…

2. Spicy Accordian Dab… for only Eric.

This actually happens every week... I think wednesdays...

3. Weird firefighter Dab? I actually have no idea about those weird freaky tubes are… I am just going to assume some sort of technology

4. Reclining Dab… with reclining action, this picture was obviously taken… at the house of the golden girls.

5. Plunging neckline Dab… I have no idea when this was taken, I am going to assume on Gaston appreciation day….

Happy Birthday Dab!
Don’t worry I’ll photoshop Eric next. I have permission :)

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