About your rendering

Eric’s rendering was at first a little scary….. so I took it to the dark side…

Here is my version of Resident Evil…. greetings stranger:

Here is Darth Vader at his day job…. greeting students “Bathrooms are to the left”:

Here is Halo 3…. Level: Chapman, Game: Capture the red light :

And because it’s been like 15 minutes since I’ve mentioned her… Lady Gaga (today’s lady of choice) planning her love games:



Isabel and Clay: Origins

Many people around the globe have been intrigued with the connection between Isabel and Clay Aiken. Many have asked how long has this “connection” been going on?

The answer may shock and amaze you, as we share with you this awesome exclusive content from Isabel’s childhood.

As you can see from the photograph below Isabel and Clay have know eachother for years… they’re admiration has since grown in trifold!

Here is a photo of them as young tender friends celebrating weird basket day…


In fact Isabel’s own mother was not aware of the magnitude of dressing Isabel in this fine outfit. She just thought it was a clever catchphrase all the kids were into, she didn’t realize it was the start of an odd fascination that would stick with her first born forever.

Isabel and Clay a love that has lasted a lifetime… what a feel good story


Things that I find Odd: Tuesday


On Tuesday’s continuation of my miniseries things that I find odd I direct you to the month of my birth.


November means lots of things to many people. To my family and friends it means a day to celebrate my existence. To the British it boasts Cracker Night/Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th. And to American’s it boasts Thanksgiving.

When I was a child I like many children loved to look at the calendar to see what day my birthday was on. . . . but for the most part the calendar would have a hideous friend on it during that month that over the years I began to loathe… the cornucopia. That is right, that nasty horn filled with assorted berries and evil spirits. All I could think was February gets hearts, June gets flowers, July gets fireworks, December gets sweet baby Jesus and November… is only good enough to get… a cornucopia.

Here look at my despair:


Thank you American Calendar makers for ruining my dreams of an awesome calendar experience for my birthday.

I hope you are happy.

— Lauren