Things that I find Odd: Tuesday


On Tuesday’s continuation of my miniseries things that I find odd I direct you to the month of my birth.


November means lots of things to many people. To my family and friends it means a day to celebrate my existence. To the British it boasts Cracker Night/Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th. And to American’s it boasts Thanksgiving.

When I was a child I like many children loved to look at the calendar to see what day my birthday was on. . . . but for the most part the calendar would have a hideous friend on it during that month that over the years I began to loathe… the cornucopia. That is right, that nasty horn filled with assorted berries and evil spirits. All I could think was February gets hearts, June gets flowers, July gets fireworks, December gets sweet baby Jesus and November… is only good enough to get… a cornucopia.

Here look at my despair:


Thank you American Calendar makers for ruining my dreams of an awesome calendar experience for my birthday.

I hope you are happy.

— Lauren

4 thoughts on “Things that I find Odd: Tuesday

  1. Haha… I didn’t realize you faced such a plight. You’ve kept your pain secret for so long… I weep for you. PS- Do the corn cobs on the web page relate to what I think they do???

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