Winner Winner

Liz Lemon has sandwiches.

Leslie Knope has waffles

Mindy Lahiri has pizza.

And well I…. I have chicken.

Yes, I just compared myself to some of the most hilarious women of the 21st century… Mostly because I love them. But also because they poke fun at everything, including what they eat.

And well all the people who know me in internet/ or real life… in which I am the same giggly and self-deprecating person… know I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs about chicken.

I like to eat chicken.

I like to draw chicken,

I like to wear chicken inspired jewelry:

I can honestly tell you that I feel like the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg while wearing this necklace…  Of course only if the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg wore sensible sweaters.

And tonight is an especially important night for me and chicken because this is the night… when I eat fried chicken.

And I’m going to wear my chicken necklace with exorbitant joy tonight as I feast upon it’s less sparkly bretheren.

Tonight. We dine on Chicken!

Eat something super delicious tonight… with all sorts of glee and at least 7 other joys.


Pretzel Of Joy

Today’s message is small and simple.

Let’s just do it… and let’s not even care about getting those little salty crystals everywhere!

This is basically my version of buying the world a coke, and if you don’t like pretzels… I’m very sorry.

But seriously… they are amazing.

And they like you.


World Domination with Extra Cheese… Please

The title of this post is kind of verging on Evil Steve Urkel territory. But don’t worry there is none of that Stefan Urquelle stuff happening here. I just woke up this morning brimming with confidence and purpose. I even blasted through getting ready this morning because the world was just waiting for…. ME!!!!!!!!!! (That was my best Elle Wood’s scream, btw.)

But by the time I got to work after encountering every red light, (and some extra lights I think the city stuck into the roads today…) I had lost that spark, and for about .002 seconds I was totally lost. And then a new desire now coursed through my veins:

Tonight… there will be pizza!

That’s What Friends Are For

My day has not been all thumbs up, and happy bird drawings today.

And that’s okay, I guess…

But when I find myself a little bit down and find the projects I’ve been working on for months in shambles… I like to take a moment to draw my b.f.f. Christine in a large pile of dip.

Mucho Guacamole dip to be exact:

Yep this is what I do to relax… draw my friends in piles of food. Which is a completely casual fun way to pass your day. Someday I hope to convince Christine to let me make new packages for her dip mixes .. until then it will just become an obsessive hobby that I will try to convince others to join in…

So take some time, and draw someone you adore  in  a big ole pile of dip.


P to the S: Did you notice my not so hidden advertisement for MPK Foods? You should totally buy MPK Food’s Mucho Guacamole Dip! It’s the dip mix of Champions and is 100% Lauren and Christine approved.

The Smoothie Pavillion

I am in some need of giggly times today. As I have spent most of my day behind the old computer screen… including most of my lunch. I thought that I would use an instant message conversation about how “RAD” my friends and I are as my inspiration today.

By the way if you were interested, we’re in the 96th percentile of Raddness which is only slightly under people who make bendy straws, and circus people (who I imagine, have the most fun.) Isabel had this brilliant idea of us combining our careers to make something truly wonderful. So I put Isabel’s dream into my brain waves, and combined it with my love of 1980s/1990s pop culture… Which led my brain files to open the Captain Planet folder… So without further ado, I bring to you the coolest collection of Planeteers in Southern California:

And if we combined food, science and architecture… we wouldn’t get a weird guy with Green Hair and a tankini. I imagine we would come up with one of the fanciest most scientific, and archtiecturally significant Smoothie places on the planet:

And that people from around the world would show up for a truly magical smoothie experience. It would be like the apple store of smoothie places. Fancy business people would buy our deluxe smoothies! Giggly Teens would buy our smoothies! People with scarves would drink our smoothies! I don’t know if anything gets better than that.

I’m going to go start our Mission Statement… I think it has to have “through the science of delicious taste” somewhere in it…


Eric and the Food!

Hey Kids you like the ice cream?

Well let me tell you…

Eric’s got the ice cream… when he’s not spending time with the ladies.

So get it while it’s frosty.


apparently Wednesdays are Eric and the food kind of days…. and by the way I should be going back to work.. it’s AUDITORIUM TIME!!!!!!