The Secret Dancer

Hi, it’s Lauren. You know the giggler, dreamer and constant doodler. You come here to read about my zany adventures and mishaps of adulthood? Yeah, it’s that Lauren.

It’s Friday and I’m creating a landscape rendering at work. Where my computer is busy making pixels into magic… I’m just waiting about ready to make that picture look better. But in the meantime that doesn’t mean I can’t take sometime to open my Sketchbook of My Secrets (What my coworker the Dab calls it) and share some good times with everyone.

Now I’ve been fluctuating about my nervousness about things changing and my incredible joy for all the good things that are in my future. Not only is it frustrating to read about, it’s worse living it. Like for example in one day I can go from a morning of  sunshine and lollipops, to an afternoon on the Noah’s arc of my tears, back to an evening of happiness/concern for crying about something stupid. For example, yesterday I cried watching John Krasinksi act in emotional scenes, because he seems like such a nice guy. On the other hand I get so incredibly happy when I see mustaches in 50 cent machines, that I could hug strangers. I would like to say this makes me a charming mess, but no matter what is going on I never want to stay down for long. So I don’t, that brings us to today’s shiny new doodle:

And this is the song that I’m dancing to:

Have a wonderful weekend. And Amber be careful with the dry ice… it can be spooky dangerous.


Friday Threats w/ Lauren

I know it’s such a popular thing to be all “Boo… Hiss” at work on Friday’s… but for some reason I’m jumping on that bandwagon this week. And I’m jumping on that wagon with the sweet hot intensity of a bronze metal pole vaulter…. because this work week has been pretty darn brutal.

Like I’m about to hold a candle light vigil to my artistic principles- kind of brutal.

But what can you do…they can’t take my doodles away:

If today was Thursday I would be shining up my red Candies shoes... for those "Summer Nights"


Here’s to a snazzy weekend!


P.S. Happy birthday Justin!


Friday I’m in love… with Chicken

Happy Friday Internet!

I know that I like to make constant references to the Cure in both speech and doodle.

And that I constantly  mention/ eat/ doodle chicken.

And I wonder how can I combine both to make the best thing ever? Do I eat crispy golden chicken while listening to “Just like Heaven”? Or can I do more with two of my favorite things.

So much like bacon wrapped shrimp, I have made them into a special and delicious combination in today’s doodle:

And that is the way I like it.


Computer Update:

My computer is still not properly functioning. And I have so many silly deadlines… I feel like I will never get the chance to fix my improperly working Photoshop. I will try sometime soon.