By Design

The following doodle is just something I have to remind myself of every once in a while. Is this too early in the week for this kind of post?

It’s not a bummer or anything like that, it’s just an honest notion.

I remind myself of this when I am  with difficult people. I am just not everyone’s brand. I am a little too much in a lot of fields… and even a little too short for most people’s likings.

I think this is what makes the people who do actually like you so special.

And that is what this post is really about. The people who think you are amazing, are amazing people. And we should tell them more often. Because they deserve it.

I hope everyone has an wonderful week.  I’m going to work on posting more!


Silver and Gold

Today I’m going to keep my words short and hopefully my doodle will be more poignant, I just wanted to take the time to say that I totally value all of my friends and thanks them for being amazing!

Whether I know you in real face to face life, or just internet life this doodley doodle is totally for you-dle:

Happy Freaking Tuesday!!!


Confessions Pt. II now with Giggles

I am a very bubbly happy person. You know the sort, the eternal optimist that thinks everyone and everything is just fantastic…

Basically everyday I wake up and float to work on a cloud. And then I chit chat a bit at the office, and carry on with my giggly day. Drawing, laughing, keeping secret wishes of joy that I keep to myself.

And then things happen. People all my life have called me “trouble,” and I have never willingly gone out to look for it. I don’t walk around dressed like a “Thunderbird,” I don’t ask the warriors to come out to play, and I rarely Ferris Bueller style my days. However it still lingers, I guess I attract weird things/events/people. And this is not limited to jovial Rastafarian’s telling me to carry on with my bad self in the streets, children thinking I am a Disney princess, or even Enrique Iglesias getting a little too up close and personal with yours truly (up coming post, seriously.)

Well anyways, today one of those kinds of things happened and I hope I don’t get my very good friend in trouble because of my girly ways. And honestly it was all just an innocent event, we just went out to lunch… but we didn’t expect to run into people he knows. Our lunch was a lunch of friendship… but it felt so embarrassing. You know… the grown up shame of being friends with a person of the opposite gender. Now this is not especially bad until you involve me, the giggliest person ever, who was wearing a rather comfy but a little snug tank top and breezy summer skirt… with my hair actually done and my makeup as nice as I could do. In the world of 13 going on 30 I really knocked it out of the ballpark today! However, in the world of eating with a guy friend at lunch… I made a HUGE mistake. We have both never eaten lunch so quickly and while simultaneously the color of a raspberry.

And then I realized it all these strange events in my life happen because of me! And all my friends and I have events that we don’t want to share with other people. I feel like there is something wrong with that… does everyone have secrets like this? Do I just make average events so much worse with my awkwardness? Does anyone want to sing an Usher song about this with me?

Here’s to a less eventful evening…

The one where Lauren turned out to be a Rachel

Dear Internet,
I’m sorry there have been a lot of things happening as of late. Not all of the things happening have been particularly interesting. One thing that has been interesting has been the stalking. I have an internet stalker… who I am sure is reading this right now! Hi. Can you do me a solid and please stop freaking me out? The other interesting thing that happened to me was I got a free pretzel at the mall.

Also, I have been not watching an extensive amount of romantic comedies… like my normal self would- mostly because I am studying my for my architectural exams, and I have been obsessively exercising. I got to change it up, and I suppose that time is now.

Something else I have been doing different is watching “Friends”. Although I loved the show when I was a child and teenager. I always thought that Ross and Rachel turned out to be the most irritating people ever. Like, ever. Did they like each other? Did they have like a fluffy hair championship going on? Were they really supposed to be together? Why did Ross marry everyone he ever met? Bleh. Everyone got tired of it, because in real life everyone just wants to eat a sandwich with Joey, and sing a song or two with Phoebe.

Now when I was a kid I idolized Monica, she had it all the cool apartment, a really fun job, she dated TOM SELLECK! And eventually she married Chandler (Boy, was that a Spoiler if you haven’t seen that show)… who was the coolest dude on the show to me. I knew as a child I wanted to grow up to be a Monica… you know help people out, and clean everything one more time after other people had already cleaned. And then I started watching the show again and I realized the most terrifying thing that could happen to a girl.

I was just innocently watching when I realized I grew up to be a really naive, moderately spoiled, gets my clothes dry cleaned, completely lost kind of 20 something person. And I can’t cook, nor do I have those long peasant skirts, and I don’t relish sandwiches as much as Joey… and all I do is freak out about not knowing what I am doing… I saw Rachel differently, I understood her turmoil about liking and hating Ross at the same time. I understood why she runs away from commitments, I understood how much time she spends on her hair, I understood that she has no idea why she does these things… because I have no clue either.

And I even say stuff like this:

I’m going to hide in a corner and flip my hair out 90s style now. And Ross is going to go marry some British girl I think.


And this is a shoutout to Amber… Dab is totally a Joey.

Happy Best Friend Day!

Today I found out possibly one of the best things ever. It is Best Friends Day!

A special day created just to celebrate the awesomeness of your bestie! Now, I am a lucky girl because I have tons of super best friends… and well some so-so acquaintances (but today isn’t about them!) … and TWO fantastic best friends!

And since today is about the creme de la creme of friendship, I would like to thank them for participating in 11 years of good times with me.

This has included (but is not limited to) countless trips to Disneyland, sitting in the big booth at BJ’s, weeks straight of giggling (cumulative), being banned from DJ Pizza Lunches, creepy/weird teachers, concerts that were awesome, being attacked by kittens while sleeping,  4 years of Catholic school uniforms, taking photos with strangers, watching the entire first season of Jem to see 1 scene, buying promise headbands, and One scary movie night (which is not necessarily the night that we watched ‘Centerstage” after grad-night.)

Without you two my three-ring circus would just be one ringed, I would be the lone musketeer, the last of the blind mice, that one really bored Bronte sister.


Weird and wonderful things come in three’s, don’t they?


I’ve been off

I just wanted to send a hello to the interwebs.
And share with my friends this late late valentine.

Also I’m currently coloring you as mounted to the wall animals.