The one where Lauren turned out to be a Rachel

Dear Internet,
I’m sorry there have been a lot of things happening as of late. Not all of the things happening have been particularly interesting. One thing that has been interesting has been the stalking. I have an internet stalker… who I am sure is reading this right now! Hi. Can you do me a solid and please stop freaking me out? The other interesting thing that happened to me was I got a free pretzel at the mall.

Also, I have been not watching an extensive amount of romantic comedies… like my normal self would- mostly because I am studying my for my architectural exams, and I have been obsessively exercising. I got to change it up, and I suppose that time is now.

Something else I have been doing different is watching “Friends”. Although I loved the show when I was a child and teenager. I always thought that Ross and Rachel turned out to be the most irritating people ever. Like, ever. Did they like each other? Did they have like a fluffy hair championship going on? Were they really supposed to be together? Why did Ross marry everyone he ever met? Bleh. Everyone got tired of it, because in real life everyone just wants to eat a sandwich with Joey, and sing a song or two with Phoebe.

Now when I was a kid I idolized Monica, she had it all the cool apartment, a really fun job, she dated TOM SELLECK! And eventually she married Chandler (Boy, was that a Spoiler if you haven’t seen that show)… who was the coolest dude on the show to me. I knew as a child I wanted to grow up to be a Monica… you know help people out, and clean everything one more time after other people had already cleaned. And then I started watching the show again and I realized the most terrifying thing that could happen to a girl.

I was just innocently watching when I realized I grew up to be a really naive, moderately spoiled, gets my clothes dry cleaned, completely lost kind of 20 something person. And I can’t cook, nor do I have those long peasant skirts, and I don’t relish sandwiches as much as Joey… and all I do is freak out about not knowing what I am doing… I saw Rachel differently, I understood her turmoil about liking and hating Ross at the same time. I understood why she runs away from commitments, I understood how much time she spends on her hair, I understood that she has no idea why she does these things… because I have no clue either.

And I even say stuff like this:

I’m going to hide in a corner and flip my hair out 90s style now. And Ross is going to go marry some British girl I think.


And this is a shoutout to Amber… Dab is totally a Joey.

8 thoughts on “The one where Lauren turned out to be a Rachel

  1. k,,,i must really be tired, cause when you started talking about Monica, I thought you were talking about Monica,,,the coloured girl who used to have her own show on the WB and sings,,,,,ok,,i am going to bed now. lol!!

  2. I loved Rachel she was a bit of a train-wreck, and I wanted to slap Monica for being too clean and anal. This is my fave Rachel scene – when I saw this i could totally see this happening to me. :)

    1. Now that I am re-watching the show as an adult I can see how I didn’t understand Rachel as a kid. I always thought adults had it more together than her, and then I grew up and realized it was a lie. Adults don’t automatically have it together just because they age, and recently something happened between a friend and I that made me realize… boy I don’t have it together.

      It looked a lot like this:

      But, I was a little less comical than Rachel.

      1. I used to think the same thing. Boy, we were wrong.
        I would react just like that and I am SO going to start watching these again. I may as well as all my “friends” are leaving, or have already left for the summer.
        Pass the vodka.

      2. Agreed. I have a feeling for the 2 weeks my 3 best friends are on vacation I’m going to get very well acquainted with the crew of the Central Perk.
        And I am trying to figure out how to avoid the man who is my Ross, he’s always around… and I don’t want to see him.

    1. They were like real friends, we learned too much about them to just accept them at face value. I think I would rather be a Joey… but I’m nothing like that at all :)

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