Happy Tang-iversary!

This weekend was all about Mother’s and such. So shout out to all you mothers out there (that made me feel like I was on TRL). But this weekend also held other precious events like the 30th birthday of the most darling of all Nancy’s.

So today I will share with you 10 awesome facts about Nancy:

1. She is the master of buffets, this girl knows about eating all the delicious foods while still eating ample servings of vegetables, fruits and the incredibly necessary cake.

2. There is no one else I could imagine being fake engaged to on Facebook but her… we like when people congratulate us.

3. Nancy always fights for her rights. Every time there is something that just isn’t right, Nancy will be there with rationality and spicy anger. She is like a Magical Tangier Avenger. If she were a super heroine I think her name would actually be “The Tangy Avenger”

4. When we combine our artistic powers together we either get the best thing ever… or the most terrifying project you have ever seen. There is no middle ground. And no I cannot post pictures of our creations due to an agreement with Nancy, but I can say it does have giraffes.

5. She is a third degree Toast Master. She even as a Toastmaster made a speech about toast, while wearing a toast pin. That is like the matrix of toasts…

6. She is one of the funnest people to giggle around the world with. We were so famously giggle-glued to each other in college that people would interchangeably confuse us.

7. Sometimes if you convince her, she wears color… lately she’s been like a primary color dream.

8. She has no problem being a goof. Please refer to the picture of her in a Mickey Mouse hat holding a dinosaur in the sidebar of this site.

9. She wins awards like crazy. One of the awards she won was being the best project partner I had in school. I think she may be more proud about her work awards though.

10. Nancy may be a psychic because she always has things figured out before anybody else. (Also see #3, because this may be her secret power).

There are so many other rad things to add about Nancy, but I do not want to incriminate anybody. Especially myself. Rock on Tang-a-lang! And have the best birthday week ever!


Dream Big Isabel!

So many year ago… when Isabel and I were but children (Okay, teenagers without cars) we used to sit in front of school and talk about music, how to avoid creepy teachers, and our dream cars.

One of the best ideas was to take Isabel’s first car the Mercedes Station Wagon and to transform it into a beautiful monster truck/convertible. Not only would she get the wind whipping through her hair, but she would be at a much higher altitude. This would of course alleviate her from all the possibilities of getting hit in the face with a sticky plastic bag.

Although neither of us have the money to do it yet, I beg Isabel to keep dreaming that this can be her reality someday!

Keep the dream alive!

P.S. I forgot to put the ‘R’ in Danger… you should do that for yourself! :)

Isabel and Clay: Origins

Many people around the globe have been intrigued with the connection between Isabel and Clay Aiken. Many have asked how long has this “connection” been going on?

The answer may shock and amaze you, as we share with you this awesome exclusive content from Isabel’s childhood.

As you can see from the photograph below Isabel and Clay have know eachother for years… they’re admiration has since grown in trifold!

Here is a photo of them as young tender friends celebrating weird basket day…


In fact Isabel’s own mother was not aware of the magnitude of dressing Isabel in this fine outfit. She just thought it was a clever catchphrase all the kids were into, she didn’t realize it was the start of an odd fascination that would stick with her first born forever.

Isabel and Clay a love that has lasted a lifetime… what a feel good story