26 Years of Lauren

So I must say that I had a supremely awesome birthday.
Besides the ruin of my most trustworthy computer….
And after 26 awesome years on this planet, I feel that I am extremely lucky person with only a year of awesome ahead of me.


And here are some things that I am so going to do this very year:

– Laugh 30% more. Because laughing feels good… But, can the world handle it?
– Take more dancing classes because, I can dance if I want to.
– Learn how to send smoke signals… to Isabel.
– Collect Flags of the world and give them to Christine as Presents.
– Learn the Capitols of all the countries in the world.
– Say “yes” to more things that sound fun.
– Travel more so I can use my cute Pan Am Bag.
– Learn French. So I can travel to Europe and not use my limited and all together rarely used Spanish.
Yeah, I took Spanish in High School because it was easy and I wanted to learn how to say “vest” in Spanish… it’s “chaleco” btw
– Complete my ARE tests. (daunting)
– Find a great assortment of Songs I can put Jimmy’s name into and sing them to Jimmy, when he doesn’t want me to.
– Finish the end of lists better


Also this post is a  Thank you to all my friends who make all the times I have the best! And all of the people who come here to look at my doodles and how I make fun of myself and my coworkers!


Feathery Goals

One of my many awesome goals is to use more feathers in my clothing attire.

I want to look like I fell out of Brandon Flower’s feathery feathery closet.

I want to be little birds stunt double.

I however, would like to not be attacked by my cat.

Every feather helps.


Alternate Career Path pt. 6

Many years ago, on a day very much like today a little girls life changed…this epiphany occured in the windy city of Chicago when Marlene had her first raspado.

The heaven’s shown upon her in this moment of time she pondered the meaning of her life in terms of this delicious flavored ice. She thought of the opportunities she could have, she thought of all the places she’d travel to peddling her snow cones for the world to enjoy.  But she realized sno-cone representatives were a dime a dozen. She needed another marketable aspect, and took to the practice of fortune telling.

She spent her childhood mixing new exotic flavors for her adoring flavored ice public and learning tarot cards… imagining how much they would enjoy mango-lemonade raspado while getting their palms read. She could see the day when all the traffic in the state of Illinois could be soothed if everyone just had access to her wonder-ice, and affordable knowledge of future traffic events.

She also knew the best way to share her delicious treats with the world was to get good publicity. Marlene then wrote a letter to the savior of Illinois… Oprah Winfrey. Ms. Winfrey stunned by the business savvy of the young Marlene decided to put her on her show and display a young entrepreneur/entertainer.  She was booked to be on the show and then the unthinkable happened, she was bumped due to the length of time Oprah shared the screen with talented poodles  who could also mow a lawn.

Distraught Marlene dashed to the streets where a slow moving churro cart was chugging across town. This young psyhcic could have never seen what was going to happen… there was a crash… and suddenly churros and ice filled the streets.

Marlene never recovered from this flavorful disaster, so she became interested in speech patterns of whales. She is currently thought to be teaching the whales to tell fortunes…

your endeavors of raspado dealing as well as traveling psychic will always be remembered.


Alternate Career Path pt. 3

As a child Isabel dreamed of many things like puppies, Wild Omar, and Clay Aiken. Little did many know that Isabel also dreamed of becoming an RV Saleslady.

Yes, it is true Isabel loved the idea of low interest loans and signing contracts. She adored the thought of sliding over the keys to a crisp new Winnebago to an adventurous retired couple.

It is fabled that she spent many a night decorating her room to look like a car lot selling anything with wheels to her syblings and collection of Barbie’s. Isabel was a natural born saleswoman.

However her dream was never meant to be a reality… during one night the sticky Wildomarian winds ripped through her room runing her car lot diorama… and turning her bedroom into a sticky mess.

She was devastated, and mildly slimey.

She then went to her second plan, working with rats and cells and becoming a scientist.

on the internet your dreams can come alive


Alternate Career Paths pt. 1

David’s love of water and splashing could have led him to being a brilliant seal trainer at Sea World, if he hadn’t missed that important day in the second grade when he had a cold. Instead he attended school on Jan 13th 1995 and  became fascincated with becoming an engineer…

Things could have been so different.