26 Years of Lauren

So I must say that I had a supremely awesome birthday.
Besides the ruin of my most trustworthy computer….
And after 26 awesome years on this planet, I feel that I am extremely lucky person with only a year of awesome ahead of me.


And here are some things that I am so going to do this very year:

– Laugh 30% more. Because laughing feels good… But, can the world handle it?
– Take more dancing classes because, I can dance if I want to.
– Learn how to send smoke signals… to Isabel.
– Collect Flags of the world and give them to Christine as Presents.
– Learn the Capitols of all the countries in the world.
– Say “yes” to more things that sound fun.
– Travel more so I can use my cute Pan Am Bag.
– Learn French. So I can travel to Europe and not use my limited and all together rarely used Spanish.
Yeah, I took Spanish in High School because it was easy and I wanted to learn how to say “vest” in Spanish… it’s “chaleco” btw
– Complete my ARE tests. (daunting)
– Find a great assortment of Songs I can put Jimmy’s name into and sing them to Jimmy, when he doesn’t want me to.
– Finish the end of lists better


Also this post is a  Thank you to all my friends who make all the times I have the best! And all of the people who come here to look at my doodles and how I make fun of myself and my coworkers!


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