Have A Provocative Halloween Everyone

While you are all dressed up as a kinky cheerleader, or a sexy cookie monster… remember there is someone out there more provocative than you will ever be without trying… And she loves to shake it for Halloween:

My best suggestion is if she’s in the costume contest I wouldn’t make a bet that you could win against her…There is no one else in the world who could wear pumpkins like that.


Things for All the Time:Leopard Fascinator

The bounty of kitschy fabulous things at Halloween Town made the whole world a happy place. One of the joyous pieces I purchased at this establishment was one of the most adorable fascinators I have seen as of late.

I realized if I didn’t have it my life would be complete, and more so I would probably never be invited to a werewolf bar mitzvah. And I don’t want to be a part of that kind of world.

I will wear it even to wash dishes, I am committed to this hat.

Things for All the Time: Vampire Teeth

Recently on a trip to the best place on earth… “Halloween Town” in Burbank, Christine and I found a never-ending cavalcade of things we need in everyday life.

Really. I don’t know if that makes me and Christine a little macabre, but that is the way we like it. And in which other way can we lure Tim Burton and Johnny Depp into our houses?

Just ask Christine and her vampy teeth:


The End of Summer

So this is how Jimmy and I talk during the summer…

So now that summer is over whatever shall we discuss? Answer: Probably how cold we are.

Also I am sorry I didn’t feel like coloring or not making it look like it was on a crinkly old piece of paper.

Dress Me Up in Pictures

Jimmy has already made me go see halloween decorations.

And since it is still August, and this is completely logical. I begin this Halloween season with things that Jimmy should dress as:

1. A goat herder

2. A goat

image from: charlievegas.co.uk

3. Allspice

4.  Waldo… of “where is waldo”fame

omg... I think that could really be him...

5. Alex Trebek

Host of Jeopardy!

6. A mountie of protecting Canada fame

Canadian both Day and Night

7. Regis Philbin

Geriatric Magic!

8. Toast

9. Bert from Mary Poppins

Poppin fresh!

10.  Or my personal fav. Kenneth the NBC page.

Did you notice this wasn’t really helpful at all?

Yep. My job is complete.


Party Supplies

Anyone who is totally rad is going to Isabel & Clay’s Halloween Party.

Earlier today this swift duo were spotted shopping for the events:

It’s going to be paper towel themed as you can see by the shopping cart contents… this is mostly because Isabel doesn’t like spillage.

But also they are going to make spooky paper towel ghosts that would even make Martha Stewart envious.

But there will be no caramel or any other sticky treats there… so bring your own and rub them all over Isabel.




Hi My Name is Jimmy!

Today’s Jimmy doodle is Jimmy themed!

“Say What?”

Tis true dear friend, today’s Jimmy is Bubble Boy… and if you recall from Jake Gyllenhaal’s classic boy in a pastic bubble tale.

I could see Jimmy Bounding down the streets without a care in the world, or an immunity in his system.

Isn’t it wonderful?


Are they seriously going to laugh?

Another post about Carrie.

Jimmy & I are unsure if Carrie imagined the people in the gym laughing at her, or if it’s her crazy Jesus filled imagination… or is it because her dirty pillows are showing???

But seriously laughing at someone in pig blood will so  get you in trouble with Jesus… who doesn’t like nerds covered in pigs blood as a joke.

This time the doodle subject is me… because I don’t mind being the butt of the joke… why do doodles of me resemble Lisa Loeb?

♪And you say I only hear what I want to…♪   ♪    ♪