Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite days and I’ve really been living it up dressing and spiders and bats for the last 31 days. It’s all coming to an end though, a sparkly end. This year I decided to dress as a glorious cactus and well, it was fantastic!


I hope you had a great Halloween!





Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween everybody!

I am a usual merrymaker so I of course love a holiday where I can dress like a superhero and eat candy until I pass out.  Also I’m a big dork who still likes to dress up and pile her hair until I feel like I can rival the natural glow of a young brunette Dolly Parton. Earlier in the Halloween season I went around with my good friend Nancy and we dressed up as everyday people:

Here we are dressed as Pinup Wonder Woman and the World’s sexiest Fire Fighter. Our everyday heroes.

Tonight I find myself dressed like the world’s shortest amazon, yep I finally had no excuse to reveal my real identity of Wonder Woman. Not a surprise to my readers as I already shared earlier this year that my work has practically made me a Wonder Woman.

And since I went out on Friday and Saturday, let’s just be honest… I am a little too lazy to go out on a Wednesday. Especially because one of these days… I’m going to get to work on time. So I got to have the joy of passing out candy to tiny children dressed like a rainbow of princesses and a myriad of video game/cartoon characters. They were adorable, and yes I was judging children on their manners.  I was thrilled when a this one Red Riding Hood told me to “have a lovely holiday.” I was quite taken with her, she was top on the list of what I hope my children do someday in the future, you know when I get around to baby-ing. And quite candidly I was totally shocked by a little boy who was dressed like Woody from Toy Story wanted to give up his life with his parents and move in with me. Frankly, I have a feeling his parents need to worry about how much he liked a girl in red lipstick and big hair giving him candy. He just walked into my house like he belonged there, his mother said “I think you have a friend.” And I nearly took him to watch the episode of 30 rock that was rolling on my tv. I mean I was running out of time for all this trick or treating stuff…. Tina Fey was all up on my television being fey-licious.

And oh yes, let’s get to the doodle. Now that we discussed the reverse kidnapping, and future child manners that happened earlier tonight…

Remember if you get into any sexy mishaps… we’re there on the double to rescue you from dangerous sexy things. That is quite possibly the worst slogan ever.


I hope that you find yourself out in the world tonight having fun and enjoying the holiday of mischief and merrymaking. But don’t stop tonight… tomorrow looks great for mischief too.


Things for all the Time: An Inflatable Fiend

Today I am not near a computer as I traveled up to Montana for non-professional reasons.

So with a little bit of internet magic I bring to you today’s very special edition of things from a Halloween Store I need for all the time.

An 8′ tall inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters”

I had no idea that my life was so incomplete without a blow up version of a thing I loved when I was a kid. I mean, think of all the magic that my life could have been full of. It just makes me want to sit down drink some Ecto Cooler and watch Punky Brewster with the freaking thing.

Anyone got $140 to spare so my dreams can be alive?

Things for All the Time: Fake Birds

The newest addition to the Canon of things Christine needs for all the time is a beautiful and welcome addition to any home.


Firstly, you can put them in your house and make it more exotic.
Secondly, you can reenact your favorite moments from “The Birds.”
And Thirdly, you can use them to make your guests feel incredibly odd.

Guest: “Um is that a Raven in my tea?”
Christine: “Why yes, I think it is.”

Happy Friday!

Things for All the Time: Elvira Outfit

Now this is really not a shocking story to add to the “Things for all the Time” cannon.
But when I was a kid in the bustling neon world of the 1980s I was totally enthralled with Elvira.

Like, I wanted to be her when I grew up. The thought of having huge hair, fun make-up, that poodle with a mohawk, was one of the most thrilling possibilities I could come up with.

And plus she gets to make fun of herself for a living, and watch awesome movies.

For a mere $40 Halloween Town wants to help make my Mistress of the Dark realities a real thing.
And not just for Halloween:

Just imagine sitting behind me in a movie theater with that hair.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 31st

Good Afternoon Professional Enthusiasts!

Eric is trying to keep mum on a professional quote that has to do with Halloween.
Mostly, because he believes that professionalism does not mix with the world of Halloween.

But there are things that professionals like to celebrate… for example when they get a new email with an attachment:

OMG. Let’s CC: El Boo Hoo Hoo! The lovable office ghost!

OMG. I hope someone dresses as professional Eric today!

Oh wait, the whole office came as Eric today!