Things for All the Time: Old Timey Hat

On This beautiful theme of items located in a novelty store that should be used for all times of the year… I bring to you old timey hat.
I call it that because I’m not sure that this is is Vicotrian, Edwardian, or created solely for Eliza Doolittle impersonators.
But whatever the style it was, Christine needs it:

And it needs her!

Hat Season

Okay I am one of those girls who doesn’t really like coats with hoods, or umbrellas when it rains. Really I’d rather just get wet hair…. But I have this incredible desire to not catch a cold every 2 weeks. Luckily I live in Southern California…. and it doesn’t really rain much here. But the weather has decided it wants to pour sky liquid upon me…
My new option includes wearing super cute hats!

I really love that classy 1920’s cloche hat that is all the rage in magazines as of late:

or like my fav. look of Naomi Watts in King Kong

image from

Unfortunatley this is in style hat is a gateway hat… And I may start wearing my artsy 1940s-1950s hats about too…

I don’t think people would be suprised.


Happy Fourth of July!

On this day a boatload of years ago (233 to be exact), we said we didn’t like England. And we became our own country… it was really awesome.

Because Abraham Lincoln was our president: