Have a Loverly Eliza Doolittle Day!

As we all know I am really big into silly little holidays.
Today I’m going to run and tell Henry Higgins that I’m celebrating Eliza Doolittle Day!
And my fairy ladies, I think you should too!

Enjoy the following Limited edition doodles:

Christine as the super fab fancy bedazzled Eliza:

Isabel Doolittle is the classiest lady… and just like in real she can tell you off in a most fabulous manner:

Doodle Lauren as the Eliza with the biggest hat:

And finally
Jimmy as Eliza Doolittle… isn’t it loverly?

Holla At me Higgins:

I had to include that song as it is so very Yonadab.
Also seriously, why are men like that?
Have a truly wonderful and phonetically blessed weekend, I hope you are not in Spain, as that is where the rain falls mainly on the plain.


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