Sentimentally Me

Do you ever think about what’s important? Like what means the most to you in the whole big universe? Would they be important to another person from the other side of the world?

Mine are nearly 100% sentimental, I’m a sentimental kind of gal. I always think, “things” shouldn’t be your in your lists of favorites. But as much as I enjoy the sun popping back up after a few grey days and seeing kids play with bubbles, or watching old chunky dogs giggle down a sidewalk… I still can’t help some of my favorite things being tangible objects.

A few examples, my navy sweater from my high school… I still wear it, and every time I wear it I feel sentimentally fantastic (also, a little bit like a nun from the 1950s.) My favorite toy from my childhood, is a stuffed animal of Littlefoot from the “Land Before Time” and he resides on my sleek modern desk chair… and I smile every time I use it and see him sitting there. Also, I smile because I imagine Herman Miller does not design their fancy chairs to shelter my childhood memories…

I still have loads of letters written from my high school friends and even a few spectacular ones from middle school… full of stories about the cutest boys we went to school with, teachers who were a little to attentive to our teenage existences, and one of the funnest word games you could ever fathom.

And if I were to come home and find them gone, I would be beyond devastated like on par with people stealing my car and my computer, or stealing the crown jewels from the Queen. I’m that serious about my silly junk, okay. But the thing about these objects (and unlike the crown jewels) is that and when someone else would have them in their possession, they would have none of the feeling. They would see a thick navy sweater from a Catholic girls school, a dinosaur toy with a really worn neck, and a pile of useless paper.

Not that I’m equating my worth to a sweater, dinosaur and pile of paper… but going through my belongings I understand that most people outside of my brain just wouldn’t understand why a notebook of drawings is more important than a pair of fancy earrings…

And that brings me to this… my first attempt of making wordy art. The quote is from “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and it is Mr. Magorium explaining his records to his new straight lace accountant. Also I think it sums up 82% of the paper discovered in my house… as everything has a doodle on it:


Have a nice weekend, and enjoy something really, really simple… and don’t be embarrassed about it. I’ll be working on a few projects and pretending to be fancy, personally.


My apologies to Mark Twain, and one of my best ideas of this week.

Last night, after a rousing trip to Ikea with the incredibly overworked Nancy, I set in for a long summers nap (aka sleep.) But could not really sleep so I watched one of my newer favorite-teen-movies-staring-really-old-actors, “Easy A”…
You know with that adorable as hell Emma Stone.

(btw, I would so wear that)

And that guy I never found attractive until I watched this movie:

And what he is also Woodchuck mascot? Sign me up please… don’t worry he’s probably 30.
Oh wow, nope he’s 24.

I have decided that the world now could truly accept the bounty of a teen movie created by my friends and me. Seriously wouldn’t you love to watch a movie about…

a weird and incredibly clumsy artsy girl:

a weird yet adorable scientific girl:

a teen who was far too intellectual for High School:

a pseudo goth, and a… well a… girl who hated life, while simultaneously being a… person?

Now imagine their journey while being nerds in a repressed Catholic School with cameos of foreign exchange students, Canadians, never-ending spanish classes, Religion classes from hell, awful snobby classmates (who applied makeup like Elizabethan whores), and the most incredibly creepy teacher who has ever existed!

Hours of entertainment, am I right?
Plus, school days off because of a fire? This stuff practically writes itself.


(photos courtesy of “Easy A” & Photobucket)

Lists of Yesterday… today

Since this weekend I was trapped at home with 5 very small, super homeless kittens (I will explain in another post.) I decided to clean up and give away some already read books. Including books I’ve had since high school… Like that one from Mr. O’s class that we never ever used, not even once.

On a side note: One of my personal favorites “The Picture of Dorian Gray” will never be given away, but was with those stacks of books.

To get to the point of this post… I was perusing my old reading material when a hilarious list slid out from between its pages. It was a list with who my high school friends would be if it were the 1980’s.

The answers are as follows:

Christine’s tide would be high as Blondie’s front woman Deborah Harry

Although no longer blond, Christine could pull off this look. Give it a whirl.

Isabel would be rocking and rolling as Joan Jett.

I wonder if Joan could love Clay Aiken like that...

Nikki T. would be Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders fame. Because both of them love black clothes

Nikki T is all about the rock n' roll, and and wearing black...

Lisa was would be lacey glove wearing Madonna…


and Yours truly would be the Technicolor Cyndi Lauper.

Okay I mostly calm down my clothing for work... but neon green is a neutral, I promise.

All of these things still in a way make sense.

I think this photo fills in the mind gap of this list.

There is something to say about the hilarious truths of High School girls. Boy, do I still love making lists though.