I’ve been working on the Chain Gang

So in the Jolly United States. It is the days where we celebrate not being a weird large satellite of England. And yesterday the Fourth of  it all, every inch of green space from coast to coast was filled with joy, barbecue, friends and marginally illegal fireworks.

I am saying this from experience. I lived the fourth of July dream that Thomas Jefferson was all about. I drank, I saw fireworks, I chatted, I wore a sweater, and saw people running through alley’s with launchers and scads of fireworks that are safer in less arid areas of the US.

Since a Holiday this year was on a Thursday there was many a possibility for a 4 day weekend. In fact, 93% of the population is still traipsing around in luscious weather, eating expensive sandwiches and drinking before happy hour. I am not a part of that majority. I am the people who had to go to work. Getting here this morning was legitimately one of the hardest things I have experienced in the last week. And I did bootcamp bellydance snake arms for 40 minutes. But once I got here I convinced myself it’s not too bad because I didn’t have to use my vacation time, and I am technically making money on a day where no clients would call at all…

But still being at work when you would rather be someplace else leads to things like this:


All of these things are so good to be doing.

And I am inclined to think that nearly anyone would rather watch TV in a fort of legos while eating waffles is better than making PDFs for hours straight.

Happy 5th of July to everyone in every part of the world.


Yardy Harg! It’s Leif Erikson Day!

Now here’s a widely known fact… I love strange holidays. I like them obscure and delicious (ahem, taco day). And today is my favorite holiday of them all… Leif Erikson Day! And where the silly government likes to celebrate Columbus Day around these parts of the United States (and gets the day off for this). I have learned enough history from my college years, and from Spongebob Squarepants to know that Leif Ericson was the true discoverer of the Americas in which I live. My good friend Leif was like the Dark Knight of America discoverers finding America in the year 1,000 calling it “Newfoundland” (not a good namer was he) and he was like the discoverer we deserved, just not the one we need right now… hence we celebrate Columbus Day.

Also, true story… I have a personal vendetta against Christopher Columbus because I really hated having to color him in a stupid boat every year for 7 years in a row, just because Fall happened. And not one teacher would let me cover him in glitter… NOT ONE! Also don’t get me started on those cornucopias…

And a bonus over the Spanish discoverers to all of you Spanish supporters*, Vikings have better accessories, grog and far less smallpox.

Now that I have you 98.4% viking approved:


But can anyone explain why his name is Leif Ericson, but his day is “Leif Erikson Day”? Is that Columbus’ final joke? Dude, that guy is totally evil!


*I bet I was related to some of his traveling buddies as my family comes from that part of the world…  And everyday I dress like a flamenco dancer…but, eh go VIKINGS!

Happy Best Friend Day!

Today I found out possibly one of the best things ever. It is Best Friends Day!

A special day created just to celebrate the awesomeness of your bestie! Now, I am a lucky girl because I have tons of super best friends… and well some so-so acquaintances (but today isn’t about them!) … and TWO fantastic best friends!

And since today is about the creme de la creme of friendship, I would like to thank them for participating in 11 years of good times with me.

This has included (but is not limited to) countless trips to Disneyland, sitting in the big booth at BJ’s, weeks straight of giggling (cumulative), being banned from DJ Pizza Lunches, creepy/weird teachers, concerts that were awesome, being attacked by kittens while sleeping,  4 years of Catholic school uniforms, taking photos with strangers, watching the entire first season of Jem to see 1 scene, buying promise headbands, and One scary movie night (which is not necessarily the night that we watched ‘Centerstage” after grad-night.)

Without you two my three-ring circus would just be one ringed, I would be the lone musketeer, the last of the blind mice, that one really bored Bronte sister.


Weird and wonderful things come in three’s, don’t they?


Easter Entertainment

Easter time is full of family programming… most will be watching Charlton Heston, some will watch the Peanuts gang…

But don’t you wish that popular bands got holiday specials, and not like Kenny G, or country stars… but actual cool bands.

This is my dream for Sunday

You know you’d love it too!