I’ve been working on the Chain Gang

So in the Jolly United States. It is the days where we celebrate not being a weird large satellite of England. And yesterday the Fourth of  it all, every inch of green space from coast to coast was filled with joy, barbecue, friends and marginally illegal fireworks.

I am saying this from experience. I lived the fourth of July dream that Thomas Jefferson was all about. I drank, I saw fireworks, I chatted, I wore a sweater, and saw people running through alley’s with launchers and scads of fireworks that are safer in less arid areas of the US.

Since a Holiday this year was on a Thursday there was many a possibility for a 4 day weekend. In fact, 93% of the population is still traipsing around in luscious weather, eating expensive sandwiches and drinking before happy hour. I am not a part of that majority. I am the people who had to go to work. Getting here this morning was legitimately one of the hardest things I have experienced in the last week. And I did bootcamp bellydance snake arms for 40 minutes. But once I got here I convinced myself it’s not too bad because I didn’t have to use my vacation time, and I am technically making money on a day where no clients would call at all…

But still being at work when you would rather be someplace else leads to things like this:


All of these things are so good to be doing.

And I am inclined to think that nearly anyone would rather watch TV in a fort of legos while eating waffles is better than making PDFs for hours straight.

Happy 5th of July to everyone in every part of the world.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been working on the Chain Gang

  1. Obviously, training lions is the best one but any of those ideas would be great. Wayyy better than work. I had every intention of going to work yesterday and than I was like.. ummmm maybe not. So you are a better person than me!

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