Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite days and I’ve really been living it up dressing and spiders and bats for the last 31 days. It’s all coming to an end though, a sparkly end. This year I decided to dress as a glorious cactus and well, it was fantastic!


I hope you had a great Halloween!





Drawing Challenge Day 24

So today I had the worst deadline… and I have to draw.

I’m was drawing and falling asleep… at my desk, in the elevator, and in my car.

And then I realized I only have one more heinous day of work to go before the project is over.

And I completed with my team 52 reports fulfilling a clients civil engineering dreams.

And isn’t that what its all about???

Anyhoo today’s drawing theme was to draw a character as a creation of Dr. Seuss. I started to draw a cow and then I ended up drawing Morrissey in a struggle about flan

I can’t explain  it any more than that.

And it’s Season’s Birthday, and she’s magical! I need to finish that doodle and put it up here too!


Drawing Challenge day #22

Good Afternoon, or evening or whatever time it is…

Today is a glorious doodle challenge that is right in the ballpark of things I like. This ballpark is of course, draw a circus performer!

I chose the rare and lucrative hippopotamus and parasol act… which may not be real anywhere but my heart.

And I have such a work headache that I’m glad I’m not an engineer. Like why is there so many forms and calculations??? I just want to circus!



Drawing Challenge Day #17

I have been such a mess as of late that I haven’t had the chance to post my drawing postie from yesterday.

So… the prompt was to draw a fairy tale character.

And i was sitting with a blanket on watching dvr’d Agnet Carter episodes from this week and I was like hmm what should I draw.

And then Elliott jumped on me, and I was like… I got this!

And so I drew possibly the worst fairy of all time:

Imagine if cats granted magical wishes…? I think the whole world would be cat crunches and string


Drawing Challenge Day#3

Today’s drawing challenge was one I particularly liked… pick an inanimate object that you wished could talk to you.

As many people know I didn’t even have to think about this.

I have always wanted to talk to my car. I want her to be like KITT but sassier. And I want to her stop crimes or whatever talking cars do.


What would you want to talk to you?


ps. I can’t draw cars… maybe its good I didn’t try to be an automotive designer.

Looking Shark

I forgot to post this one sooner.

I’ll keep is short and sweet.

♫ Every girls crazy ’bout a shark dressed man ♫*

Have a great day!


p.s. Thanks to Alex for learning how to talk, and then my sister for letting me secretly doodle the funny things her baby tells us

p.p.s. thanks to Jen of Jen and Tonic for making that comment on my instagram


When Breakthru Radio calls…

I am really excited to post this.

Although I should have posted this last week… late is still okay!

A few weeks ago I was very luckily found by a really cool internet radio station called Breakthru Radio, with the very sweet and really great interviewer Jess Goulart the host of “Biology of the Blog”!

She talks about blogs, and plays cool music! And I make a blog and I love cool music…. so we were meant to be together.

I feel really lucky to share my drawings and my odd little stories, and I’m really glad that all these doodles led me to Jess and this great station!

You should totally listen to Jess and if you have sometime you should even listen to my interview… where I mention a few people I draw about on this  very radio station!

The link to hear me talk about drawings and internetting here.

And I almost feel like apologizing for my voice… it sounds like I’m a 14 year old girl, who only watches “Clueless” on loop. I’m sorry, I’m from LA County and I do watch only “Clueless” on loop . This may be the reason why I draw my stories instead of being a news anchor!

Thanks again Jess!!!


ps. now you can listen to it Jimmy! And I totally mentioned you!!!

Pretty In Pink

This is the second in the my office as  John Hughes movie.

My friend Mimi is always giving me advice, and listening to my romantic foibles that sound like only John Hughes could create.

Here we are as Andie and Iona… and I’m pretty sure I’m telling her about that cute guy who’s always staring at me…

But when he talks to me our conversations are always awkward and mostly about chicken.

I loved drawing Iona’s apartment. If Mimi didn’t have a family I know her house would look like this